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Makeup, again.

Since Bare Escentuals doesn't have a cheap sampler kit, I headed over to MakeupAlley to check ratings. Turns out BE doesn't have very high ratings but there are a few other higher rated mineral makeup alternatives that can be acquired for free \o\o/o/ After a it of google, this page helped me get
  • Everyday Minerals sample kit - powder, 3 foundations, concealor - total cost was $3 for shipping! The brand has good reviews on Makeup Alley
  • Signature Minerals sample kit- just 6 eyeshadows, since they had matte (!!!) shades as well as the regular glittery ones- total cost was $5 for shipping. Matte eyeshadows are almost impossible to find *_*
Paid via Paypal so it was all superfast! And I think they do international shipping too :)

I'd forgotten about the biggest issue when it comes to powders: matching my skin color. I'm heading over to Macy's tomorrow, to get Prescriptives Colorblend where they'll match my skin tone and mix a color just for me XD And after two years, Estee Lauder Double Wear is still one of the most popular and highest rated foundations on MA so I might just stick to it if the mineral makeup doesn't work for me. Might get a MAC Blot Powder for when my face gets shiny midday.

Though Ebay is brilliant for makeup - lots of free shipping and those starter kits for Bare Escentuals are only about $25 instead of $60! And the Smashbox Hydrating Perfecting Powder my sister wants can be bought for $35 instead of $60. God, her budget is so much higher than mine...

Am very tempted by makeup brushes though - especially the Retractable Kabuki for travelling, the Flat Top and the Eyeshadow brush >_> Getting a good brush for eyeshadow would be excellent since color tends to get dusted under the eyes while I'm applying color above them *headdesk*

The good thing is that I can spend a bit more on my powder/foundation/concealor since it takes me a year or more to finish them and go out and buy a new set.

Don't worry, this is the last post on makeup (yes, yes, breath a sigh of relief)
Good luck finding the perfect fit!
I've been using Everdayminerals mineral base (beige - sandy fair) and concealer for a year now and I'm very happy with them. I'm not sure how they work with oily skin - they have semi-matte version of them which could be good. As for brushes coastalscents has a great selection of them at pretty great prices (Mac would be the best but price isn't that appealing to me atm). Good eyeshadow is important but it's virtually useless if you don't have a good set of brushes to apply it right.
If you're a little iffy on the loose powder foundations, you might want to try Zuzu or Larenim's compact mineral foundations. They go on best with a kabuki brush, but it's much easier to control how much you're applying, and a lot less mess;) Definitely test before buying----mineral foundation tends to look much darker on your skin than in the jar/compact.
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