Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Makeup, again.

Since Bare Escentuals doesn't have a cheap sampler kit, I headed over to MakeupAlley to check ratings. Turns out BE doesn't have very high ratings but there are a few other higher rated mineral makeup alternatives that can be acquired for free \o\o/o/ After a it of google, this page helped me get
  • Everyday Minerals sample kit - powder, 3 foundations, concealor - total cost was $3 for shipping! The brand has good reviews on Makeup Alley
  • Signature Minerals sample kit- just 6 eyeshadows, since they had matte (!!!) shades as well as the regular glittery ones- total cost was $5 for shipping. Matte eyeshadows are almost impossible to find *_*
Paid via Paypal so it was all superfast! And I think they do international shipping too :)

I'd forgotten about the biggest issue when it comes to powders: matching my skin color. I'm heading over to Macy's tomorrow, to get Prescriptives Colorblend where they'll match my skin tone and mix a color just for me XD And after two years, Estee Lauder Double Wear is still one of the most popular and highest rated foundations on MA so I might just stick to it if the mineral makeup doesn't work for me. Might get a MAC Blot Powder for when my face gets shiny midday.

Though Ebay is brilliant for makeup - lots of free shipping and those starter kits for Bare Escentuals are only about $25 instead of $60! And the Smashbox Hydrating Perfecting Powder my sister wants can be bought for $35 instead of $60. God, her budget is so much higher than mine...

Am very tempted by makeup brushes though - especially the Retractable Kabuki for travelling, the Flat Top and the Eyeshadow brush >_> Getting a good brush for eyeshadow would be excellent since color tends to get dusted under the eyes while I'm applying color above them *headdesk*

The good thing is that I can spend a bit more on my powder/foundation/concealor since it takes me a year or more to finish them and go out and buy a new set.

Don't worry, this is the last post on makeup (yes, yes, breath a sigh of relief)

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