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Fics & art...

[001] After reading cobecat's lovely drabbles, I headed over to the_slash_pile for original slash fics.

I then discovered I'd somehow missed aggybird's FABULOUS fic Make the Yuletide Gay.

Also enjoyed Shy Hunter by ginnhale (the author of Wicked Gentlemen)

[002] DOGS: Bullets and Carnage trailer, WOOT! carameltrap pointed it out and I can't wait for the OVAs that come out later this month!

[003] Am staying away frOm Zoku Natsume Youjinchou until ep 13 so I have more to watch XD

Also managed to stay clear of Hetalia Axis Powers, which I really want to marathon after its all done. And not watching Gundam 00 is more out of self preservation than anything else - I'm just NOT going to watch the anime if Tieria dies at the end :(

[004] Two pretties from DeviantART: Kuroshitsuji and For you...the moon

[005] Note to self: try out the webcomic Them Dudes

[006] Since the latest chapter of Naruto, I went hunting on DevART for shiny stuff:

Spoilery for the Naruto chapter 439:
  • Some fanart made immediately after the latest naruto chapter XD
  • The coloring on this piece is fab - I could stare for an hour *_*
  • Cracktastic awesomeness over here ♥♥♥♥♥
General Naruto shiny:
I'd love to pile 00 until the end but I can't. I have to watch after all that general outrage/fap/fail from friends. :D

The art is really awesome. I thought it was a cosplayer at first until I looked closer.

Off topic, any new series aside from DOGS that you're picking up? I feel like I haven't fangirl with you for ages on anime.
Hahaha, part of me wishes I weren't on the sidelines watching reactions but another part is relieved that I'm not pulling my own hair out (yet XD)

I'd always assumed it was a cosplayer! But now seeing its a photorealism styled fanart I'm all *_* and in awe

FMA FMA FMA FMA (actually, I need to look through the new titles coming out and see what works) I noticed you started watching Ride Back ♥ Need to catch up but YEEEEES! Ballet + mecha...who would have thought it worked so well, LOL
Strangely, I can't seem to muster any outrage over this week's episode of 00. At least it doesn't invoke the rocks fall, everyone dies reaction in me.

I should have known. ^^; They changed the seiyuu around this time, though they kept Ed and Al's. General reactions on the new Roy is mixed. Maybe he'll sound like a total womaniser this time, since it's MikiShin. *sprofles*

YESSSS. It's all thanks to you fapping about ballet + mecha and I thought, why not? I watched one episode then had to marathon all seven episodes in one go. My eyes were burning by then.
Thanks for the shoutout, luv. ^_^ Always awesome to see the stuff you find...I think the internet just likes you, because it gives you shiiiiny things. XD
You find the best art. That Eternal Rivalry picture is to die for! I love the one of Sebastian, too.
I love Make the Yuletide Gay
It's nice that someone ~popular points it out. It deserves so many readers. :)