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Fics & art...

[001] After reading cobecat's lovely drabbles, I headed over to the_slash_pile for original slash fics.

I then discovered I'd somehow missed aggybird's FABULOUS fic Make the Yuletide Gay.

Also enjoyed Shy Hunter by ginnhale (the author of Wicked Gentlemen)

[002] DOGS: Bullets and Carnage trailer, WOOT! carameltrap pointed it out and I can't wait for the OVAs that come out later this month!

[003] Am staying away frOm Zoku Natsume Youjinchou until ep 13 so I have more to watch XD

Also managed to stay clear of Hetalia Axis Powers, which I really want to marathon after its all done. And not watching Gundam 00 is more out of self preservation than anything else - I'm just NOT going to watch the anime if Tieria dies at the end :(

[004] Two pretties from DeviantART: Kuroshitsuji and For you...the moon

[005] Note to self: try out the webcomic Them Dudes

[006] Since the latest chapter of Naruto, I went hunting on DevART for shiny stuff:

Spoilery for the Naruto chapter 439:
  • Some fanart made immediately after the latest naruto chapter XD
  • The coloring on this piece is fab - I could stare for an hour *_*
  • Cracktastic awesomeness over here ♥♥♥♥♥
General Naruto shiny:

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