Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Since there was interest...

The layout for gossbox is from spire and is called Visual Bookmark

  1. Since reposting the CSS is not permitted, feel free to go to gossbox, right click and choose 'View Source' and copy the CSS codes that way.
  2. Follow the instructions on the original post.
Customization Notes
  • The idea was to have a comm that looks like you're browsing a site and not an LJ
  • The sidebar works with a Free text box, a Links box, a Tags box and a Month box.
  • The gossbox version is ideal for communities or journals where there is only one poster or the poster is NOT important 'cause there are NO userpics or poster names (its the content that matters most)
  • Dates have been disabled since they interrupt with the flow of the title slightly in Explorer
  • There are no custom comment pages for this version.
  • Crediting in the bio of the comm/lj profile would be something like:
    layout by spire // edited by gossymer

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