Animes to watch!

Of animes currently airing or just finished, here's my listing...

Will Finish Watching: Probably going to Marathon: Minami-Ke Okaeri, Hetalia Axis Powers, Tora Dora, Michiko to Hatchin, Junjou Romantica, Hyakko, Tower of Druaga, Kuroshitsuji, Gundam 00

Still need to really try: Maria Holic, Tytania, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, Casshern Sins, Kurogane no Linebarrel

Spring 2009 Anime Watch ListWill try the first episodes of:
Basquash, Ristorante Paradiso, Eden of the East, Sengoku BASARA, Pandora Hearts, Phantom, K-ON!, Hanasekeru Seishounen, Valkyria Chronicles, Hatsukoi Gentei, Shangri-La, Cobra

Most of the trial!animes will be dropped very quickly, unless they really click with me.

You can read up on the new animes coming up (and check out trailers!) here and here
I'm still stuck on Zoku Natsume Ep 6! *flails* The torrent to Ep 7 is barely moving at all so I can't watch it or Ep 8. TAT

I'm watching 07-Ghost, DOGS, xxxHOLiC, Valkyria Chronicles and trying out Pandora Hearts and Phantom. Our watch is almost the same. I do wish a studio will pick up Kaze Hikaru to animate as it's 24 volumes ongoing and has so much material instead of a 7 volume manga.

I think I watched 7 or 8 last for Natsume >_> But more to marathon after it ends \o/ I need to upload the second season at that point and the other old faves for pimping :3

Most of the titles (Valkyria Chronicles and Pandora Hearts) seem sort of interesting, but are pretty unfamiliar to me, so I'm waiting till I watch those first eps :)

Never tried Kaze Hikaru but there don't seem to be many scanlations available :( In cases like this, animes would definitely be faster XD
Oh yeah and I caught up wth Rideback and episode 8 had me yelling "YAAAAY" so many times. The white haired dude (Kiefer I think) was so f*cking hot, holy crap. And then the Rideback!dancing they did together, lololol SO AWESOME and SO PRETTTYYYYY

I love the animation of this series *_*
I'll probably do same and marathon it, at the rate the download is going. Dude, pimp more of your faves. I might just get hooked on it.

A few on my f-list have talked about Pandora Hearts so more or less it piqued my interest. As for Valkyria Chronicles, I will admit the reason I am keen on it is due to the seiyuu in it.

That episode of Rideback made me giggle so bad. It has shoujo sparkles in it! Sparkles which you never would expect from a series like Rideback. Kiefer and his thick brows are hot. lol.

I've mostly dropped out of watching anime, but Junjou Romantica S1&2 seem to be pretty and pointless. Or I'm just tired of the fake emo-tension and coyness.

But anything xxxHolic related is on. :D
JR's storyline failed to grip me so I tend to marathon shows like that instead :) I've deliberately stayed away from Hetalia though, 'cause I don't want to get hooked only to have to wait week by week for an episode XD

The first OVA of xxxholic was so pretty! Have to watch the second too :)
Heh- Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is definitely one of those out-there, random animes. I've only seen 3 episodes so far, but I've been thinking about trying to catch the rest of it sometime.
Aww, streaming videos don't really work for me too well (internet connection speed seems to be shaky) but I use narutofan's subscriber section for loads of vids and galanime for MU links :) It works fine so far. And there's always torrents for hard to find eps ^^

Random Curiosity is the only anime!blog on my rss feeds - its so awesome :3
Re: Random Curisoity Blog
I've seen their blog a bit. That person gets really good screencaps. ^^
I plan to watch 07-Ghost, Pandora Hearts, Ristorante Paradiso, Sengoku Basara and Valkyria Chronicles. And Fullmetal Alchemist, of course! I may add more, but those are the ones I'm most interested in.

I'd also like to throw an anime blogger's URL at you: http://psgels.blogsome.com/

That person seems to like most of the same series that I do. I've been following their blog reviews of Casshern SINS, since it's been my top series for the last six months. I also agree with their feelings about Michiko to Hatchin, a wonderfully different anime that few people seem to be watching.

You might want to also check this blog: http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/03/08/that-spring-2009-anime-preview/

They have a pretty detailed preview of everything coming up.
psgels has Jigoku Shoujo! I'd been meaning to try the latest seasons :) There are quite a few titles I've enjoyed too :) Casshern seems darker from the get go, so I decided to wait for the last eps before marathoning. Definitely want to catch up with Mitchiko to Hatchin tho - the first episode was lovely ^^

I like nokiirat anime bites, 'cause they're short and not really spoilery and remind me to watch certain shows, lol

Thanks for the preview link! Pretty detailed info *adds to post*

lskjfsdf Kuroshitsuji!

As much as I LOVE this series (anime and manga), I want to warn you the anime later on gets a little filler-y. So if you're not into fillers .. well, I guess don't watch it? lol. The manga is slow-moving at best so they couldn't go into the next arc for the anime and went with fillers instead that will probably end the anime. D: Just wanted to warn you! a lot of people dropped the anime after a certain point because of this.

But because I looooooove the characters I kept with it. XD Maybe I'm a filler-whore? Naaah, if I was I'd be watching Bleach. XDDDD