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Picspam - of underwear? SHOPPING BOOTY!

8 UNDIES FOR $25, Y/Y? That's just $3 for each underwear and I ♥ AERIE

Am supposed to be sleeping but had to post this first >_>

ruffle floral lowkini

ladybugs boyfly boykini

watercolor floral cheeky

colorblock boybrief

bird boybrief

daisy boybrief

boyfly boykini

polka dots ruffle tanga

They had thongs and stuff too but that really wasn't my style >_>

I'm totally blaming my sister since she was telling me that if you sign up to their alist thingy in the store and bring a printed coupon you get an underwear FREE, but but but - I could barely even stick to just 8 patterns from the online store ;_;

Obviously I should not go anywear near Aerie for a long, long time.

I love Aerie underwear too, they fit my big bottom so comfortably, no other undies can do quite the same :)

The Ruffly floral and the red polka dots are my fave :) Definitely going to stop by the store later on this week.
Haha, my tushie looks great in them too *nodnod* I remember getting a VS underwear once that was sort of like shorts and it never lasted.

My sis sent me a note that if you go in to try out a bra anytime from today till the 22nd, you get a free gift - probably will head over tom :)