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Avatar comics FTW

In case anyone's in need of some laughter at the moment, here are a couple of my favorite Avatar!comics. Most are by rufftoonAdded quite a bit of stuff to my various favorites collections on DeviantART :)
I know this is OT, But I just wanted to say how much I love and appriciate the posts you have on here. I like how you organize them. Thank you for making such nice and content full posts. :)
*_* Thank you for the wonderful note! Half the time I wonder if people skim past the daily spammage (which has hopefully gone down since layouts and files are now elsewhere ^_^) so knowing that you enjoy them is really cool :3 Literally went *\o/* though the pompoms were imaginary, lol.
- (Anonymous)
I was going to make a post about the petition in a few days but ended up doing it today and getting pissed with comments on various places that made me all WTF. Glad that the gossbox post is helping raise awareness too \o/

1. AMAZING artwork!
2. Iroh and Toph will NEVER stop being awesome
3. I much prefer Zuko with the short hair
1. Hahaha, yay!
2. TOTALLY AGREE *nodnod*
3. Zuko with short hair - maybe an inch or two is frickin' hot :F