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Petition Signing

It's not just about a movie. It's not just about a bunch of fans being wanky.

When you get down to it, the issue the petition focuses on is racism.

My frustration can be explained via two pictures. Characters in the cartoon:

The casting of the same characters in the movie:

This is about the way Hollywood has been doing movies, where heroes = whites and villains = people of color. Whitewashing has been happening throughout the history of film and it continues today.

Personally, the rage I feel comes primarily from the fact that the entire Water Tribe - the nation with pretty much the darkest skin tone in the series - has been white-washed. And at the same time, we have Fire Nation - the villains, with a much lighter skin tone than the Water Tribe - as an asian!nation.

Hollywood has done this time and again with movies and I can't even explain the frustration I feel to see it being done to Avatar which has always been about going past that.

I hate the way people are telling others to just suck it up and deal - that nothing can be done, that it's just a movie and doesn't matter in the scheme of things. It's not just Avatar - it's Dragonball, it's Prince of Persia, it's AKIRA, its Cowboy frickin Bebop.

And Avatar isn't a Japanese anime being turned into an American movie - it's already a western cartoon and doesn't need to be Americanized for mass consumption and to increase marketability because those Asian themes its incorporates is exactly WHY there's such a huge fan base already in America and the world over.

Just. ARGH.

If y'all haven't signed the petition yet *points to the button above*
Yeah, they hit the heart of what was pissing me off really >_> God, it pisses me off

Because even though I don't watch it or am a fan, I still feel strongly about this matter.
I've been reading comments on DeviantART and some of the big lj comms and people keep going around the issue or dismissing it entirely - or claiming that no, Aang is obviously white and so are anime characters and *headdesks repeatedly* There is so much WTF-ness around that I really don't know what to say to those people.
Totally signed!

That's horrible. I hope the movie tanks (if it actually gets made) despite my love and adoration for this series. =\
It wouldn't even be that hard, just swap the two guys on the right and apologise to the girl for recasting her role ...
And Avatar isn't a Japanese anime being turned into an American movie - it's already a western cartoon and doesn't need to be Americanized for mass consumption and to increase marketability, you'd think that about UK and Australian shows too but just look at QAF and The Office and oh, say, Kath and Kim. It's not as if America doesn't have a history of making everything American no matter where it came from. It's a huge trend.
Ah, but Avatar is American ^^ So while they have american versions of QAF and LoM, that's not really possible for Avatar >_> But who knows, they'll probably try to claim that caucasian actors are more marketable in overseas markets now too *facapalm*
Ahaha -> I should've said 'or the influences', missed that bit.

Who knows what they're going to say - it's just weird. Can't they be satisfied with what they've got instead of messing with everything to suit themselves and what they think people want? Stuuuupid.
Sure movies can't stay exactly the same as the source material since they don't always translate well across mediums (books to movies, long comics/cartoons to movies etc.) but changing fundamental parts of these stories destroys the spirit of the source material and just doesn't compare :(
Well obviously but I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about the things that really don't matter to the medium. Like more direct translations - or censorship - or indeed colour.
Yeah, there is absolutely no reason to change those aspects - which is what is so frustrating when they DO :( And they always claim that what works in book/comic/cartoon format wouldn't work in movie format and it makes me want to punch something.
Totally signed cause it's so stupid I saw the poster the other day and it just pissed me off
Signed but I don't think it's going to change anything (pessimistic person -_- but I guess I say that because I bet they'll see /if they DO anyway/ the petition and even if it has a billion signatures they might not do anything because they're scumbags like that),I feel so sad about this it's so pathetic how Hollywood can do something so FILTHY rotten like that holy fuck.
I'm not a huge fan of Avatar (the only reason why I never watched all the episodes was because they didn't show it on tv and I didn't want to bother watching low resolution videos of it but I loved the series anyway) but if you ask me to imagine how Katara or Sokka would look like in real life someone white-skinned like those two are the LAST thing I could think of. It's so fucking RIDICULOUS.

Maybe what they could do is make the actor playing Sokka play Zuko instead and vise versa -shrugs- the girl playing Katara should go to hell. If in the end they end up making the movie with that cast I hope they fucking fail.

This reminds me of the casting from the movie 21 compared to the people they're based on. fucked up. =/
Also have you visited some of the fan sites? I just went on one and reading some threads it seems that a lot of people don't even notice this problem. Damn. =/
Goodness, that is disgusting! How can they do something like that! It's absolutely ridiculous! Can't say I know much about Avatar, but I signed the petition. This is about principle, dammit. *hates on the goddamn racists*
Signed! (What with this and one of the Jonas spawn acting like an idiot, I'm actually getting some spikes in blood pressure this week. Grr.)

Do you mind if I link to this post?
fdafhadsofhsda Don't even remind me about Dragonball. Those people are making my childhood weep. I mean, at least the amount of cheesiness that was in Dragonball: The Magic Begins made it kind of enjoyable. DX