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Naruto Chapter 440

I think every 50 or 100 chapters I go into spazz mode and all I can do is flail and smash my keyboard in hysteria at the awesomeness that is Naruto.

First I must explain the brilliance via a single inspirational poster that someone posted on DeviantART:

From here @ DevART


(( Srsly, there is no way this scene could PWN any harder ))

FYI: You can read chapter 440 online here or download it superfast here

I spent yesterday reading this post @ capslock_naruto and getting increasingly spazzy.

Also came to realise there was only one person on the flist to go nuts about the chapter with *hugs bloody_american to death* So I guess I'll be hitting the naruto comms soon XD

Moving on to the fabulous chapter, I want to revisit the two scenes at the start that made everything perfect..

When Yondaime said "If people knew you were my son, there might have been trouble. I'm sorry Naruto" there was no way any reaction other than a punch would have worked because DUDE, WTF. Naruto's childhood plain sucked and yeah, the 4th might be the epitome of Legendary Hero but - her\'s still a frickin' asshat.

But that punch works in a way that words would not. Things kinda feel right. And then Naruto seals the deal:

"It's okay...I'm the son of the 4th Hokage, so I can deal."

AND THE EXPRESSION. And Yondaime being all ^^


*please pause for flailing*

Okay :3

rilina pointed out that Kishimoto tend to use "spearpoints with full knowledge of all the weight of story behind them." And I was just like, YES YES YES.

'Cause when we get to chapters like 439 & 440, especially after 50+ chaps of fighting, its these moments that have everyone spazzing like crazy and going nuts. Kishimoto pwns in these moments and you can't help but hug the characters hard against your chest and just LOVE THEM.

There are suprisingly few animanga that hit me this hard at the spearpoints. While Naruto may be a pretty standard shonen title - with the constant fights and build up of powers etc - its those particlar moments that set it apart personally. The Sasuke and Naruto battle, Naruto pulling Gaara from the brink etc. Those scenes had an emotional impact on me that very few stories have ever managed to do.

And seeing Naruto talking to his father - who may forever be Yondaime in my head, 'cause Minato seems weird IDK - had me going HOLY CRAP, YES.

It's wasn't so much ORGASMIC like with the Sasuke/Naruto scenes but it was all LOVE LOVE LOVE in that FAMILY!LOVE kind of way. The Father/Son moments killed me.

The sudden punch symbollized all the WTF-ness from Naruto's side and even the love (sort of like in Avatar where Toph explains that her punch is her way of showing affection to Zuko XD) but also because HOW DO YOU REACT IN A SITUATION LIKE THAT.

Still, it just worked perfectly. It was so Naruto and just so damn appropriate. How on earth would you greet your father who turns out to be a big ass hero but also the reason your life has been absolute shit most of the time?

But then the "I'm the son of the 4th, I can deal."


There's so much in there. He's grown so much from the loser everyone thought he was and there's pride in that statement and confidence too, and there is SO MUCH STRENTGH I KINDA LOST IT FOR A MOMENT. I was yelling YAAAAAAAAY and waving my hands in the air 'cause BLOODY HELL, THIS IS NARUTO AND DAMNIT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.


While I wish so much there had been more Father/Son bonding, the explanations fromYondaime, I mean Minato, were sorely needed and felt so right. Naruto's whole life has been building up to this and its all there. It's taken 440 chapters to get here and its such a relief.

When Naruto reveals his hopelessness I just want to hug him so bad. "But if you and that pervy sage couldn't do it, how can I? That's not fair! I'm stupid! And I'm not a great ninja! And.."

No bravado, nothing. Just anger and anxiety and BLOODY HELL. I want Father/Son fanfic now. bloody_american said it best: Now I desperately want AU fic where Minato's alive and they argue and fight like crazy people all the time. *makes grabby hands*

YES. And if there's a moment like this:

"You will find the answer. I believe in you."


The way Naruto goes "Really? Can I really...?" Oh man. That someone believes in him. That his father trusts him and believes in him. There's this reaffirmation in the sense that he knows he wasn't abandoned and there was a POINT to it all. And that there's LOVE. GOD. VJDABVJKADHFV

You can tell how much it all means to Naruto with those final words "Thank you...dad." The determination in his expression *_* He's gonna kick Pain's ass.

Though I don't think this is the last time we see the 4th. I don't think ALL his power is gone - maybe he doesn't have enough for another seal restoration, but maybe there might be one more scene with him and Naruto somewhere at the end or if Naruto is at the brink of being defeated.

I think Kishimoto left this scene so short because there will be one last moment between the two and at that point, he'll leave readers in pieces. Whether or not that does happen...I CAN'T HELP LOVING HIM RIGHT NOW ANYWAY. HOLY HELL. THANK YOU KISHIMOTO, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

And now for the last bit:


Oh and this comment wins at EVERYTHING, LOLOL

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