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[1] What's your dream pet, the pet you've always wanted?
PANDA. I am so disappointed I'll never get to even pet one ;_;

[2] How do you style your hair?
I never used to bother but since I'm growing it out, I'll blow dry it with a bit of volumizer after my daily head bath...though even that can prove too much for me >_>

[3] What kind of watch do you usually wear?
I got it off amazon and I think I polled it over here before buying- it's got a plastic black strap (I break out in hives or something with metal or leather) and is rather funky. Oh yeah, it's Nike! Forgot about that, lol.

[4] If you could spend an hour with any one person of your choice (be they dead, alive or fictional) who would it be?
TOPH. Seriously, I wish I could meet her in RL and just be around her *_*

[5] What is your favourite dream/fantasy?
Well, I have one slashy daydream I keep going back to. But otherwise, my favorite kind of dreams are the fantasy kind with complete stories. Last night I had a dream with vague similarities to Narnia (but darker) and I was around the not!Edmund a lot and IT WAS SO COOL. It was so very movie-like and sometimes I wonder if these dreams are parallel universes or something because they feel so real. In any case, I don't wanna wake up 'cause then I'll never know how it ends ;_;

There have been two times where I woke up in the last year and googled the dream!plots - 'cause I was sure I could buy a book/movie about it or something *headdesk* Stupid, vivid dreams :<

[6] Who was the last person you hugged (real or fictional)?
NARUTOOOOOO - please refer to previous post XD

[7] What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Umm, not sure. Just catching up on animanga that I've been missing.

[8] What was the last thing you ate today?
MA PO TOFU - just a little :3

[9] What was the last text you received?
It was from my sis and she wanted me to forward the doc our dad sent for beta-ing the grammar. Yes, so much fun D:

[10] What websites do you always visit when you go online?
DeviantART has become a habit. Also check out aja-aja more often too.

[11] What was the last thing you bought?
About to buy Turnskin actually.

[12] What are you listening to right now?
The whirring of the computer fan. Haven't played anything since I have 9 animes to try to decide between: Chrno Crusade, Hyakko, Maria-holic, Michiko to Hatchin, Minami Ke Ookaeri, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Tokyo Marble Chocolate, Tytania and Vipers Creed. Nothing is jumping out at me yet though :( Oh I need to get Casshern Sins too! Damn it.

[13] Who would you like to be in bed with right now?
I'd love to be in bed with my laptop hahaha

[14] What is your favorite food?
Chocolate. Cheese. Pepsi. Damn, my mind is on junk food at the moment >_> SHWARMA, SUSHI, SWEET WINES. ICECREAM. Damn, back to junk *headdesk*

[15] When grooming, what makeup (or toiletries) are a must?
Makeup: foundation to even skin tone, powder, eyeliner. I usually forget my lip balm/gloss/stick and the under eye makeup.

[16] If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
ANYTHING. I suck at playing music. Violin, harp, drums, guitar, piano - doesn't really matter. Just...SOMETHING XD

[17] If you had the choice which would you rather be: ninja, pirate, astronaut or caveman?
HOW DO YOU CHOOSE BETWEEN NINJAS AND PIRATES??? Well, I think I go with ninjas since there's always the possibility for nifty tricks and powers and SOLID EARTH UNDER FEET, YAY

[18] If you could make a movie, what genre would it be? (any genre/era)
Fantasy/sci-fi. Probably timetravel or book jumping or parallel universes or something, with A LOT of adventure/action and more likely to be a miniseries than a movie per se...

[19] Say something about the person who tagged you.
SHABZY, YOU NEVER STOP BEING AWESOME. And very random but, someday I wanna cosplay with you *_* Doesn't matter what fandom - just - !!!
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