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The bits of shiny one can find... browsing the friendsfriends list :3

[001] is having a sale which includes Tokyopop manga titles for just 99 cents - as opposed to y'know, $10 or more >_>

[002] Three vids that completely PWN:
  • FullMetal Alchemist trailer! - pointed out by rewritten (♥)
    I'm not that big a fan of the art when it comes to facial features, but it looks brilliant anyway. The wait is KILLING ME.

  • Naruto - Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den Special! - watch on youtube here or download the short video over here - only took me a YEAR to watch this. Found via questofdreams

  • Font Conference - CollegeHumor did an anthromorphic fanvid XD
    Basically they took various famous fonts, turned them into people and put them in a video. Though I couldn't help wondering where Helvetica, Georgia, Verdana were - along with Mac specific fonts >_> Somehow I wouldn't mind reading slashy!fic focussed on two (or more) Fonts XD Font!Orgy FTW
[003] has a list of top 40 dessert recipes here (scroll to the bottom) that include Boston Creme Pie, New York Cheesecake and Chocolate Truffles...

[004] Unicreatures is an alternative to all those dragon eggs but I have a feeling it might be no less annoying in the long run >_< Luckily, I just set my Opera browser to ad-block the dragon eggs et all XD So even if my flist gets flooded with them...I'll never know MWHAHAHAHA

[005] Will be marathoning BSG's last season now that I've thoroughly spoiled myself on the ending and know what to expect \o/ Yeah, I guess I'll always be one of the weirdos who LIKES to know if there'll be a rocks-fall-everybody-dies ending or not. SPOILERS = LOVE

[006] It can get very, very tiring to have to keep opening up a new tab and visiting gmail just to search for an old email or to compose a message that needs to be sent ASAP.

I've always found having an email client on your main computer makes things much easier. I use Opera's built in mail system but do check out PostBox, a pretty fab alternative (ala Thunderbird fame). Definitely a good alternative to old Microsoft Outlook.

[007] Update to Internet Explorer 8! Even if you never use the browser, its worth having the latest version anyway.
[005] I'm one of those weirdos too. Especially after watching first season of Gundam 00. I never ever want to go through that again! Ever! So painful. Broke my love for the show. :( After that, yeah, I do want to know what happens so I know not to get attached to any characters.

(Wish I'd been spoiled about Death Note too, but then I wouldn't love L as much as I do.) *g*
2. FMA~! I am getting quite impatient *whine*

Font slashing. Huh. But that cannot top Mac/PC can it? No.

4. Perhaps I'm not the parental type, but I never was particularly enamored with the dragon eggs.

5. I'm terrible about spoilers. I always seek them out... >.>

6. I just keep a gmail tab open at all times.
Stepping out of lurkdom for a brief moment to say that I love you for ever and ever for linking to the Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den Special! video. That was about the best thing I've seen ever. Ever. Also, I love all your Naruto spazzing as of late. I feel the same way.

Thank youuuu.

*steps back into lurkdom*
I'm so with you on the BSG spoilers! I'm about 4 episodes behind, but I had to know what happened in the finale!
AHAHAH THE FONT VIDEO. IT'S SO PERFECT. Now all those fonts I am not fond of using, I'll probably use more often! Like Comic Sans. HAHA Oh god, that was brilliant. IDK where you find all this comedic gold, but you're AWESOME at it <3333333
FONTS! Ahahahaha. I'm watching that again. :D

Oh, I would like an icon that mocks silly fonts....

Postbox has a slick-looking webpage. I think I'll check out that app.

Thanks for the links. :)
Oh God... that Naruto special made me so happy (and Yessss! Hinata went out on a date with Naruto! LOL at all the people spying on their date xD)! And Orochimari being a creepy transvestite = WIN. xD
Omg manga for a dollar! =O Too bad there's only like 1 series on their list I'd get. xDDD;
Always so organized and full of useful information! I wish my brain worked like yours.
Will be marathoning BSG's last season

MASSIVE \O/\O/\O/\O/ ♥!
That Fonts Conference video was pretty amazing. I'm not gonna lie. :P Thanks for sharing, dear. (: