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[001] There's a remake OVA of Ai no Kusabi coming out! Now, the original OVA never really clicked with me - maybe 'cause the art was so dated, I don't know.


The first scene in the trailer is gorgeous and KINKY and yes, can't wait to get my hands on this :F

[002] Various picspams of lovin':
  • Hot Fiction Guys @ blogspot - picspams of hot guys from animanga and more *_*

  • Coffee Prince picspam

  • Big Bang Theory introduction picspam

  • Adorable Bunny pics daily over here - definitely death by cuteness :)

  • 5 reasons to watch BSG with pics HERE

  • Bollywood Beauties - OLDSCHOOL. How the actresses of yesteryears look so much more real and lovely than those of today. GUYS, BUTTON NOSES CAN BE BEAUTIFUL.
[003] speedicons - discovered it via a pimp from dharmavati - here's the premise
It's a community with a pretty simple concept: an icon maker with free time makes a post for a certain number of icon requests, you get to comment with pictures for icons, and then the icon maker makes icons out of them within a short amount of time. I haven't made a post yet (I will definitely do so when I do get the free time!), but there are already many other awesome icon makers asking for requests so it's definitely worth checking out. :D


[004] Another icon comm is sweet__tea which has graphics by emiv. Her signature style is minimalism - with some fab results:


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