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[001] There's a remake OVA of Ai no Kusabi coming out! Now, the original OVA never really clicked with me - maybe 'cause the art was so dated, I don't know.


The first scene in the trailer is gorgeous and KINKY and yes, can't wait to get my hands on this :F

[002] Various picspams of lovin':
  • Hot Fiction Guys @ blogspot - picspams of hot guys from animanga and more *_*

  • Coffee Prince picspam

  • Big Bang Theory introduction picspam

  • Adorable Bunny pics daily over here - definitely death by cuteness :)

  • 5 reasons to watch BSG with pics HERE

  • Bollywood Beauties - OLDSCHOOL. How the actresses of yesteryears look so much more real and lovely than those of today. GUYS, BUTTON NOSES CAN BE BEAUTIFUL.
[003] speedicons - discovered it via a pimp from dharmavati - here's the premise
It's a community with a pretty simple concept: an icon maker with free time makes a post for a certain number of icon requests, you get to comment with pictures for icons, and then the icon maker makes icons out of them within a short amount of time. I haven't made a post yet (I will definitely do so when I do get the free time!), but there are already many other awesome icon makers asking for requests so it's definitely worth checking out. :D


[004] Another icon comm is sweet__tea which has graphics by emiv. Her signature style is minimalism - with some fab results:

Aren't they just LOVE? I wish there were a daily pics bog for kittens that did not involve LOLcat text >_> just the joys of itty bitty kitties *_*
I've seen bits and pieces of the original Ai no Kusabi (read: the only time I could sit still was through the scenes), but I might try and command my ADD to let me focus on the remake.
I hope there are more scenes 'cause the way it ends has always turned me off from watching it properly - I just skim and watch the smexing >_>
Well... If there are more scenes I think I'll definitely sit still to watch the series. xP (that's what I did for just for 2nd episode. >>)
I'm not really liking the drawing style of Iason in this new one Rikki's still hot but I prefer old style Iason. IOMFG Coffee Prince is like the cutest thing ever I love the soundtrack and keep rewatchng episodes. Those bunnies are to die for and Big Bang YEY!!!
Thanks for reccing Coffee Prince.

I've seen Goong and, thanks to you, I saw Antique.
I was wondering if you had any other K dramas with the same actors/actresses, or similar genre?

I would really appreciate it.
Oooh, now I wanna check out both Coffee Prince and Big Bang Theory! Coffee Prince especially looks awesome!

And both those icon comms look amazing. Thanks for the linkage.
Wow. You are all kinds of awesome. Thank you so much for the recommendation! :)