Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Random + Book related stuff

[001] windfallen used yourfonts.com to create a font based on her own handwriting *_* I so wanna try it out...

[002] OMG, A REAL LIFE AANG!! Talk about an awesome Avatar audition! So we don't get to see his acting, but everything else is just perfect, wow.

[003] The latest Head Trip Comic pays homage to Battle Star Galactica a bit :)

[004] anenko pointed out rainscene, an awesome picspam community for far east asian dramas and movies :3

[005] maderr did a merman!drabble ♥ Except instead of the fish tail we have tentacles (ala Ursula) And the main character happens to be a professor of sorts. Oh the research possibilities :F

Yes, I think tentacles are now a bulletproof kink for me, along with polyamorous relationships >_>

[006] thebooksmugglers.com has giveaways and reviews of books in fantasy, sci-fi along with other fandom stuff. I have to admit though, the one LOST picspam on the main page makes me yell "CUT PLZ" even though they're not on livejournal *headdesk*

Ended up creating a syndicated feed for them to follow via the flist (my media filter): book_smugglers

Though I keep forgetting where the syndication page is on LJ *headdesk*

[007] Spiffy links related to books/publishing:
  • charlesatan is an lj with links to various authors, guides, columns etc. Am now tracking new entries XD

  • If you're interested in creating ebooks here's a post with focus on their design and format

  • Ghost Writing - a piece by Scott Westerfield.
    Now I'll wonder if a book was written by the author or by a stand-in. I have such mixed thoughts about the idea and I can't help feeling a bit betrayed that there might be an author I adore whose stories weren't actually written by them >_>

  • telophase has manga analysis, essays with lots of pics etc. Check out the list here for links of interest :)

  • The post here by mbeasi discusses the difference between manga and manhwa along with a call for manhwa recs

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