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Hailstones somewhere between golf and tennis ball sized stones destroyed the rear view window of my Corolla *RAGE*

((At first I didn't noticed, being glad the side and front indows were okay but then I realised, "Oh. OH CRAP, THE REAR VIEW WINDOW IS GONE" There are jagged edges of glass and glass inside D:"))

We covered it with cardboard and a tarp but have to figure out if I can get it repaired tom without losing the car for multiple days :(

*waiting for AAA on the phone*

Edit: Yeah, my comprehensive coverage has a $500 deductible so I'll pretty much be paying for it out of pocket, unless its insanely expensive and goes over that >_> Definitely not doing anything fun for the summer...

It's surprising how very few things can get me more freaked than something that happens to my car
Oh my. Sorry to hear about your car but still somehow happy that it was car, not you :(
I was standing in a hallway with my hands clasped over my ears - luckily no house window broke but the repair is gonna cost a bit D: Losing money ;_;

My icon has never been more appropriate haha
Oh, that totally sucks! I'm sorry, love! (and reminds me how lucky I am to have connections in the car business) <3
I WANT YOUR CONNECTIONS ;_; Though I'm super glad that the glass provider is a mobile unit so they'll be coming to me instead of the other way around :)
If you were closer, I could totally hook you up!

I'm glad they're coming to you as well; that certainly makes things easier. It's not gonna run you too much, is it?
Haha that would have been great XD I'm not yet sure exactly how much it'll cost - the front windshield was about $150 about 2 or 3 years ago when I first got the car from my sis - but the back one doesn't need tint...yet I think it's thicker and has those lines for melting ice and stuff? Not sure D:
Oh noes! D: I am so sorry to hear this! God, I am so happy we don't have hailstorms like that up here. Makes me count my blessings and all that yada yada. Let's hope it goes over $500 then, so your summer plans won't go south before they even exist! *hugs*
I hope it stays around $100 'cause that $500 will still come out of pocket in any case (being a deductable) so really insurance is useless unless there's a huge accident that costs thousands. I'd get a policy with a deductable of $50 if I could but then my monthly premiums would be sky high ;_; Lose lose situation here...

I miss asia and the constant sunshine and sauna!heat - at least no hailstorms were around to destroy stuff >_>
OH! I completely misunderstood that! Alright then, let's NOT hope it'll cost more than $500! D: That just really, really sucks. :/

I hear you! I lived in Texas a couple of years ago, and weather there is nothing like what I've ever been used to. o.o
Sorry to hear that about your car. Rotten luck. Can't avoid the deductibles. It's on every comprehensive coverage, though some don't have it.
It's the insurance companies's way of squeezing out every cash from us poor people. They're evil, I tell you.

Still 500 is really high. The repairs to your windscreen might not even be over 500. :/
Holy shit. That must be some freaking big hailstones. But I'm happy that nothing more happend because yesterday I heard of people even dying from the bad weather here in Germany.
But the window part still sucks. So this might be the one time in live where you wish that something is pretty expensive *sigh*
That sucks :/ I hope that it costs very little then. And that you can drive safely until it is fixed!