* :P


[001] Thanks to shinigami39's post I now know that I'll be waiting till the MOVIE for Gundam 00 gets released to know if Tieria is alive or not.

Nope, no way am I catching up with season 2 only to find out later that Tieria IS dead. Mind fuck? No thank you.

[002] Finished posting comments to The Time Capsule Meme. Only took me till 4AM *headdesk* I have a feeling I'll hit the sack now, only to wake up in the afternoon D: Or I may just stay up and catch up with SPN and sleep when I should be waking up. Thank god for weekends hahah

[003] Created a syndicated feed -wordboner for a FABULOUS site with cool text posters. Check it out over here on my new tumblr public filter (still need to add other tumblr rss feeds to it soon)

Some of my favorites: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10


The world would be a happier place (well, at least for me >_> Twitter logs should be an OPT-IN option. Damn it, LJ has spoilt me)
My love for Gundam 00 died with Lockon a few eps away from the end of season 1. :( I haven't been able to watch seconds season at all. I just know that they'll kill off anyone and everyone who was ever liked by a viewer. At least that's what I learned to expect from that team. (Yes, I'm still bitter.)

I agree on the Twitter issue. If I wanted to see people's Twittering, I'd follow them on Twitter!!! What's the point of twitterify LJ?
You know, when the rumours of a movie starts, I just know they'll give an ending like Macross F's where it's not good but it's not bad and it wasn't even a satisfying end. If it weren't for Innovators and Lyle, I wouldn't have finished until the end.

Twitter posts needs to stay at Twitter. Who in the world wants to reach what you just ate and what you did in the last few minutes, huh?
Speaking of Twitter, I am perplexed by Twitter layouts being posted on LJ layout comms. Or do people post myspace and... I dunno... facebook layouts on LJ comms as well?
Ahaha. Heyyyy ♥

I knowwww *despairs* The only thing that can make me happy for the movie is my hope that it'll be like, a fandom!rage!bait, and then, Tieria will appear in the movie with a brand-new shiny uber-hot body and kick everybody's ass. Either that, or, an epic Geass/Gundam crossover, because HELLO JUPITER :D

new frieeeeend :3 /stalks

I don't know why but all the mecha shows lately, well, haven't finished them - Macross Frontier, Geass, 00 - either the plot twists killed the interest or the animes killed off my favorite characters (GRR. ARGH) So I'm just going to wait for FMA and leave the mecha behind for now, lol

*tackleglomp* Was gonna message you today so I wouldn't seem entirely random but yaaaaaay :3