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Bingo + Art

[001] A sorta new BINGO card that was based on a comment on this post (scroll down to the commenter RN Lee). I can't help comparing the comment to the old summary by white_serpent and just boggling.

EDIT: Made an easier to read version HERE \o/

[002] A great post and discussion on online identiities by mbeasi - with particular focus on using real names vs pseudonyms.

[003] On a lighter note, ninjatic posted a new Zuko pic on DevART. I was all vjdhsvdkhvjks when I saw it 'cause it's EXACTLY the angle I'd initially wanted for my old Toph & Zuko commish - I even have the diagram done on photoshop to prove it, LOLOL

See, the initial sketch ninjatic did was this, but I wanted a different perspective (PHOTOSHOP FTW!). In the end he did this which was great too, 'cause I got to actually SEE Toph.

But if you look at the latest Zuko pic and imagine Toph crouched in front of Zuko and earth bending - that was what was in my head at the begining ♥ SO MUCH PRETTY YAAAAAY

[004] Other pretties:

  • Seeing fanart like this makes me want to start Hetalia right now instead of waiting for it to finish airing >_>

  • The perfect Kanda cosplay, posted by questofdreams. Between Kanda, Sasuke and Roy and Allen, Naruto and Edward - I think I have way too many brunette/blond animanga pairings ^^

  • Kiwi!Girl & Citrus!girl - I think I'll always fangirl Loish - her style and coloring are just fab.

  • While I track blackmage9 for her photos, this painting of hers is stunning.

  • masakochan pointed out this introduction to Naruto comicstrip. Then I saw this Naruto & Gaara comic by the same artist and was all AAAAAAW at the last panel ♥

    Though if you saw the first episodes of Naruto Shipuuden and remember old!Naruto and young!Naruto interacting, this Gaara piece is worth checking out XD

Oh and added quite a few pieces to my DevART Naruto collection :)

[005] Caught up with aggybird's Greg the Vampire fic and LOVE LOVE LOVE Mason - which is why the new drabble she just posted of future!Trevor/Mason has me falling over from the FABULOUSNESS. Oh god. WHY DOES SHE PWN SO DAMN MUCH? Here's one of my favorite bits:

Trevor couldn't hold back his laughter anymore. "Aw, c'mon, Mase. I'm just messing with you."

"You aren't funny," Mason said stiffly, his back to Trevor. "You know hard it was to get rid of that lisp."

"Thorry," Trevor said. "But it's so cute when you slip up. Especially during sex. Oh, Trevor, yeth, yeth! Thath it! Don't thtop!"

[006] Yay for still keeping track of things on my Media Log :3
PANDA. :3 <3 <3 <3 *rushes over to put that person on her watch list*
Oh and your "Naruto & Gaara" link is the same link as "Gaara piece" xDD

That intro comic is awesome. I love Sasuke's emo-whining. xDD
Oh Kanda... Beautiful, gorgeous, grumpy Kanda. *sighs wistfully* That cosplay is perfect! It's like he's stepped out of the anime! (Yes, I haven't yet read the manga, bad fan, I know.) ;)
I need to catch up with both (read the manga long abck and had been waiting ages for the possibility of an anime,lol - and yet I still manage to stall on that too *headdesk*)

Check out this pic from a very recent manga chap *_*
KANDAKANDAKANDA--! Is it bad if I say I want to jump him? ^^;

That is the best ever I've seen. He took a lot effort in putting together the outfit and everything and it all looks so accurate. Now that is a cosplayer, not those half-baked ones you see around. XD


Love that psuedo vs real names. I love the points articulated by everyone there although there seemed to an asshat in there.

Edited at 2009-03-30 10:17 am (UTC)
All I want is a Kanda sandwich with Allen and Lavi :3

I love the arm pad thingies and it looks like actual leather *_* Really gorgeous work and the expression *_* Love these kinds of cosplay photos *happy sigh*

The asshat sort of helped get some really great points out in the responses to her XD There really needs to be an Internet 101 guide with links to stuff like this for people new to LJ and just online interacting and stuff ^^ Though I think azurelunatic's lj taged posts would make up the most of them hahaha
Mmm, Kanda sandwich... *wipes drool*

Yeah. Those perfect, put together cosplay photos are hard to find.

I was annoyed with her assumption that people who don't use their real names are people who are up to no good, even after being pointed out.