Goss (gossymer) wrote,

State of my fandoms and my LJ

Earlier this year, I'd been feeling rather disconnected from the flist. While there are still HP posts that pique my interest (particularly on the movie, which is always interesting to keep track of, lol), I'm not really reading H/D at the moment.

The shift away from HP and a lot of people jumping into Merlin had me skipping a lot of flist posts recently. It effected posting too (daily spammage disappeared in Feb). I came to realise that I needed to find that fandom spark again. Looking up the popular users amongst friends, LJ shows me a majority of HP fandom ljs and comms- which isn't where I'm at right now.

So I've been slowly changing the flist to reflect my current reading habits - which is pretty much in between fandoms but with greater focus on dramas and animaga (and a bit of Naruto and Avatar love too). And original slash :)

I'll probably swing back to H/D fics at some point - while the interest has cooled, its NOT gone. But for the time being, I'm happy to be frollicking about :3

If y'all have been finding my posts increasingly unfamiliar (especially those who stuck around for the HP posts and H/D recs), I totally understand and well, everyday is friending/defriending amnesty day here ^^

And lurking is never an issue - I suck at crawling out from under my rock and commenting too XD

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