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Question for ANY techies...

If you have your own website and lots of space (thanks to dreamhost),how would you go about creating an area:
  • that is password protected
  • lets people download files
  • lets people UPLOAD upload (using the login info)
  • have the options of both FTP and http uploading.
So it's a cross between an online storage space and megaupload in a way - except its not publicly accessible and its on your OWN site.

Basically I want a content management system for filesharing, as opposed to blogging (wordpress)or forums (joomla et all)

The thing is, this isn't for fanfiction archiving or anything - it's for file sharing - particularly pdf files, lit files etc. that are downloaded/uploaded by people - it won't be public and will need people to login to do that too.
Dreamhost is very bitchy about filesharing and will monitor any large movements of files - and possible cancel your account if they think it is illegal.
Google sites /Intranet might be a solution if your dealing with smallish type files. http://www.google.com/sites/help/intl/en/overview.html

I use it as a user not a maintainer, but you can have it interface with your site, multiple user log ins, some sorting, file storage.

We have it setup our domain so it's only qem@domain type accounts that can log in, and it doesn't hurt our hosting bills if things become over active. We use it solely for documentation and storage of documents - discussion goes elsewhere, though there are ways to have commenting set up within.
The only thing I'm not sure about is the FTP uploading - I'm having a look around, but it does do everything else.