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Dreawidth, WereYORKIES and Animanga...

[001] Most people are probably aware that Dreamwidth's Open Beta stage starts at the end of April.

I'm on the mailing list and after seeing the alternative sitechemes mentioned last week, I decided to fill out and send the Contributor Licensing Agreement yesterday, so that I could also pitch in on site scheme designs and layouts.

Will probably end up doing some mockups this week with different ideas - though not sure if anyone here would like to take a look and provide opinions on possible tweaking >_>

[002] Instead of werewolves (and weretigers and werebears) in fics - how about wereyorkies? Yes, guys who transform into ADORABLE LITTLE DOGS, LMAO XD Check out this fabulous list of original fics (a lot of which happens to be slashy, lol)

[003] sn_exchange is a SASUNARU FEST, YAAAAAAAY. If anyone has dabbled in that ship before, do check it out!

[004] Recent DeviantART faves of mine:

Will be posting links to super pretty Naruto fanart later both on DeviantART (some via phoenixacid's DA faves) and on Japanese fanart sites (some of which are just, WOW)

[005] Finished off Hyakko last night which was light but fun :3 I still see Torako and Suzume as an AU!female Duo and Heero/Trowa (more the former than the latter) - especially since Suzume TOTALLY KISSES Torako in the last episode MWHWAHAHA. Not to mention Ayumi=AU!Quatre and Tatsuki=AU!Wufei XD

Rideback also ended well though both shows felt a bit too short at just 12/13 episodes. I wish there'd been more episodes - particularly for Rideback since it felt like it ended just when it had really begun - and I want more of the silver haired dude and dancing on ridebacks!

[006] Am downloading the last 21 eps of Soul Eater to marathon and post to GB, as well as Natsume Yuujinchou's second season \o\o/o/

[007] Oh god, tomorrow is April Fools D: D: I think I need to put a giant post it note on my laptop with the date since there are ALWAYS things that freak me out ('cause I'm a gullible fool >_>)

[008] *headdesk* KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING. mediocrechick's icons piqued my interest 'cause of her use of text:



Her icons focus mainly on SPN and Lost but there are several other fandoms too :)
I had been into SasuNaru before but I'm a bit hesitant to read anything related to this ship now.

As for Rideback, I thought it ended well. I don't believe in dragging the series any longer than necessary. Most of everything was wrapped up nicely and while there some questions left to be answered, all in all, it was quite good.

I think the best sasunaru fics will probably be when the manga ends - 'cause at the moment there's this feeling that whatever occurs in the fanfics probably won't quite compare to what happens to Sasuke and Naruto as Kishimoto plays it out...

I liked the ending of Rideback though I wish there had been more episodes between the racing and the hostage taking and maybe an episode or two more with silver haired dude as the focus, so there was just a bit more buildup to the final climax :)
Oh yeah, Japanese fanart sites can be definitely loaded with teh pretty fanart. *_* I'll also toss over a link to my Naruto DA fave list if you wanna look in there for more fanart too. ^^
I'll also toss over a link to my Naruto DA fave list if you wanna look in there for more fanart too

OMG YAAAAAAY! At the moment, I can't seem to stop looking at Naruto fanart - especially is it has Naruto & Sasuke featured :3

Normally I stay clear of Japanese fanart sites (since I can barely navigate around) but...*_* The prettiness makes it worth it! Also, since I'll be linking to the sites and pages with the art, no hotlinknig involved and its an easier way to keep track of what's what in future ^^

LJ has totally become my alternative to et all >_>
Yeah, I've been going through a recent Naruto kick lately with these new chapters, and just started rereading it tonight. I think I have a couple faves of Narusasu in there, but pairings-wise I have more Naruhina and Gaara/Naruto (which going back over discussions and shipping manifestos... Gaara sooo has a giant, adorable mancrush on Naruto. xD)

The secret to navigating Japanese fanart sites:
1. Anything that says 'Works, Gallery, Illustration' = pictures. (But that's pretty much a given.
2. The bookmark link often leads to links of other sites. :D
Oooh Naruto/Gaara! While N/S is my OTP, I'm super willing to read Naruto paired with Gaara, Neiji...okay, Naruto is pretty much the a little black dress that goes well with most people when it comes to shipping for me XD

The worst part with navigating is when there's nothing in english so I'm clicking any and all links >_>
Pretty much a pairing bicycle, then? :P Yup, I've been looking through the gaanaru comm recently for fic-recs (haven't dug through yet), and someone rec'd a fic that had both Naruto/Gaara and Narusasu (past) in it. I haven't read it yet, but the person said: Just wonderful. I don't even know what to say. Great build-up; takes it sweet time, addresses Sasuke wonderfully, has very realistic depictions of emotions, and is just so beautiful and tense and amazing. It's called Haven if you're interested. I'm gonna be checking it out soon.

Yeah, knowing a bit of hiragana and katakana can be a massive payoff sometimes when going through sites where there's no english. ^^; Course...if everything's in kanji..eheh- then I have a harder time.
I love the Gundam 00/Star Wars crossover. The part with Alle/Halle is brilliant!
Oh, that Ichigo pic is absolutely BADASS! Woooooot, a SasuNaru fest! Can't wait! And that wereyorkies list is actually pretty tempting. I surprise myself sometimes.