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The numbers are forever!

[001] Am about to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (pilot episode + the 5 eps so far) which looks rather fun :) The official site has more visual stuff to look at though than the wiki entry.

[002] If you tend to stick to official releases of animanga instead of, well, the underground distribution, you'll probably be interested in the news that Funimation will be streaming Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for several countries around the world. The USA air date online is April 9th :) A lot of fans are probably going to be very impatient initially and might just snag the torrents first - and then watch the official stream anyway XD

[003] New Spring/Summer '09 anime titles have started airing! I'll be listing the ones that didn't suck too badly in my Media Log.

[004] If you remember Mathon (or rather, Mason) from aggybird's monsterverse!fics, here's a pic of him as a youth. He's such a cute gargoyle, OMG. You can spazz about the creator's multi-talented awesomeness here XD I mean, srsly, not only do her fics leave me collapsed across various surfaces, but her art is so damn good.

[005] I'd forgotten how absolutely awful X-Men 3 was. I just rewatched the X-Men Trilogy starting with the third movie and working my way backwards. It helped me realise how great the first and second movies were...until the third movie came along and it all went to shit. No wonder people seemed pretty lackluster about Wolverine: Origins (which, even though its a prequel, pretty much feels like an X-Men 4 movie).

X3 kinda killed anything more than prequels IMO (unless the 'cure' was not permanent perhaps) or at least, any interest in any sequels for me personally (dead Scott, powerless!Rogue who would get sidelined ultimately, Gambit who thanks to appearing in the prequel, would be unlikely to show up in sequels 20 yrs later). So I like to imagine that the franchise ended at X2 and the Gambit in Wolverine: Origins is from another dimension or something >_>

[006] painless_j posted a fab poll asking about which animanga titles she seduced people into following via her posts. Really wish I could do the same but I wouldn't know what to list, apart from the stuff at gossbox - and there's so much random stuff like Starfighter that I spam with links - but without any reviews to seduce. But, can't help wondering if there was anything in particular that stuck with y'all (or y'all blame me for your current interest in it MWHAHHAHA)

[007] Oh yeah, and the Starfighter icon poll? For the first time I think I'm LESS decided after the poll than I was before. I might end up making my own icons to get exactly what I want ^^

[008] I have lost count of the number of times I have had to stop myself from typing "peeps" or worse, hitting the backspace key and replacing it with "people" *headdesk* Who knew that one word would be such a hard habit to break?
Four days after is late but six days later is even later. Most people will pro'ly snag the torrents anyway and you can be sure there are groups who will sub it.

RIDEBACK. *shakes fist* I never planned to pick that up but you put ballet and motorcycle and I got hooked.

And thanks for the Starfighter bit. I am liking the comic horribly.
I remember someone posted a list of subbers and it crossed half a dozen for FMA? The problem definitely won't be the waiting in that regard haha

OMG YES! But srsly, only anime could ever combine those two themes and make them work

STARFIGHTER = KINKY AWESOMENESS. It reminds me of when I first watched Queer as Folk and was horrified and titillated by the smexing XD SO HOT.
Let's see how fast some of the subbers drop it when Funi swoops down on them. XD

I know, right? Why is it only in anime they can make something so unbelievable into something that works? Giant robots, jet fighters that transform into robots, etc? Western cartoons don't even have something like that.

Have you picked up the TRC OAD? I think it's out.
I'll grab the torrents for FMA mainly so I'll have a copy to archive, but I'll still try to watch it at Funi's site. I want them to get tons of traffic, so that they'll keep offering series this way. It's the best way to compete with fansubs.
Hmm, I didn't think X-Men 3 sucked that bad. Scott dying was fail but Rogue getting the cure was \o/ because I've never liked her. Plus Jean's awesome in it. I didn't like X2.
Well, what I remember you seducing me with: Komatta, FMA (OMG YES!), Avatar and Naruto (at least I downloaded them both, if not tried yet). There must have been more...

I hope you post about the first ep. of the new FMA when it's out 'cos I'm afraid I can miss it.
Am quite sure you'll enjoy Avatar haha, though I hope Naruto clicks XD

Am in the process of getting the FMA first ep - will be sharing it on the comm and will post about it here too, so \o/