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On the topic of Dreamwidth

While I have an OpenID account for now at DW, I'm going to try to get my hands on one of the 400 seed accounts when they go on sale at the end of April.

Will be porting my LJ over to DW, with the intention being that I'll start posting there and crossposting here - either via trusty ol' Semagic or via DW's posting page (which looks like it'll have crossposting capabilities ^^)

The good thing is that all the posts I'm watching on LJ can still be added to DW's reading list even if people DON'T move there. So I won't be reading both the friends list on LJ and DW - just the reading list on DW.

Of course one can never tell what'll happen, so this is pretty much my 'if all goes well' plan haha

Though gossbox and noveltybox will be staying on LJ

I'm glad I'll still be able to read your posts here. I'd miss them if you went totally with DW. Good luck with it!
Same here - am staying on LJ (I tried some of the various migrations previously, Vox, GJ, IJ etc.) but always came back here.)
I am not sure how the reading capabilities work over there - I am sure that it will work fine, and I am definitely going to buy at least 1 month of the premium account about 6 months in (once it gets up and running) to see hwo it works.
Yeah, while things aren't hammered out in concrete yet, the fact that they're working on it hardcore makes me feel that in the long term - things are going to work out - which isn't something I've gotten from IJ, JF, GJ et all. The amount of work that's going into DW to make it a viable option makes me rather excited about it actually :)
yeah, I am looking forward to it - they certainly ARE doing things right over there - but I have yet to be convinced that I should move, ya know? I am hoping that they will get a large following :D
Do you know of a post somewhere that explains what Dreamwidth is in plain and simple words?
Does the general explanation on the Dreamwidth homepage not cut it? If not, the simplest explanation I can think of is this: open-source non-fannish Livejournal code fork1, backed by people who worked for years on Livejournal code and understand the user base, and are bent on keeping the site ad-free by running it like a sustainable small business, and highly encouraging community participation in site development.

1 I.e., they are actually fixing things like the nav bar, journal importing, openID commenting, and the friends list.
No problem! Sorry I went all "here are the benefits" when you just wanted to know what it *was* :P
DW is in some ways yet another LJ clone and in other ways it makes me think of Firefox and how it used Mozillas source codes to build on it and become better than the original in terms of marketshare and usability. DW's mailing list keeps reminding me how they're going one step further than LJ with the integration of new features and learning from LJ's mistakes in the past. So I'm far more hopeful about it than any of the previous clones.

I've looked for other blogging platforms in the past but LJ's community+blogginf features just weren't available on any. I guess it would take a clone to get me to switch but it would need to be something that would let me take my community with me - even if they don't actually move. DW looks like it will be able to do this. There's a lot of techincal mumbo jumbo which went over my head on the mailing list but *shrugs* Am looking forward to the open beta launch :)
Oh. Thanks for the explanation! I'll wait and see where fandom is and what folks who got an account say :)

Guess who might have an invite code to give you >.>


:D! I had an openID account on there, and lucked out in one of the random-choice-of-openID things. So I can pass on an invite, and you can still pay for an account when it goes into open beta. I've heard that you can stack up paid time, too, so if you still feel like spending $200, you can buy yourself a couple years' worth of paid time for yourself, or for friends :)

*grabby hands at youuuuuu*

In the long run I do think a seed account would be cheaper than any other option so definitely going for it. While LJ is no longer dying (the posting/activity numbers haven't been declining as much and are more stable) when it comes to improving things...its just become stagnant in many ways, which became obvious through the discussions on DW's mailing list. So if any any point you can pass an invite over...MEWILLLOVEYOULONGTIME!