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Kings, FMA and a new sketch feed...

[001] Finally got around to watching Kings and so far the first four episodes have been very interesting!

[002] Ended up syndicating loishfeed which is a feed for Loish's sketchblog. Damn I wish she had an LJ >_>

[003] If I didn't mention it earlier, FMA: B is LOVE. Just listening to Romi Paku and Rie Kugimiya made me flail in mad glee. Yes, Romi makes me spazz and always has. Whether it be FMA or Bleach or Gakuen Alice or (well, she's done quite a bit ^^), whatever character she voices has me keyboarding smash a lot XD

So far I spammed my own lj, then gossbox, then diminishcap and soon some Brotherhood icons will be going up on noveltybox. Here are a couple finished:


FMA is so pretty!!

Re: Kings - I really hope they don't fall into the trap of making Jack into a stereotypical self-hating gay dude. Otherwise the older cast all kick major ass, esp Silas. David is a little too naive for my taste right now, though I think he'll learn. (Also, butterflies on the flag? LOL. Hurrah for Queen Rose.)