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Rambling on blogging and reccing

Found recology via this post @ fan_extension and it made for interesting reading, lol. But it also got me thinking about personal blogging and reccing habits.

Apart from the hd_worldcup recs and reviews last year, I don't usually review stuff when I rec them - unlike reviewer!reccers like painless_j who seem to be able to put their thoughts into words so very beautifully. I find it easier to write a line, point people off with a link and let them discover the love on their own - more of a link!reccer in a way, like issen4.

I've come to realise my LJ is something of a mix between a fandom!blog and a link!recs lj - or perhaps more accurately, a fandom!tumbleblog - since I usually mention the bits of shiny that held my interest that day and link to them.

Before I used to be able to do maybe a rec list here and there of H/D fics - maybe because I'd lurked so long that there were way too many bookmarks.

Now, I tend to squee about random fics, art and shows so there's not always a lot of recs for a single ship or fandom and the mediums being recced...change a lot. So where initially I converted bookmarks to reclists, I currently use my LJ almost as a account of sorts (though without the tagging so its really a mess >_>)

And I can't help but think its not really possible to rec art the same way one recs fanfic or even new shows ('cause the rec in those cases is targetted at people who aren't part of the fandom yet).

I kinda wish I could do thumbnails for DevART favorites that wouldn't drown the flist - but on then, not everyone is gonna wanna click a cut for an image!spam when a list of art links with descriptions would summarise the art faster in some ways.

Yet its impossible to express/capture an artist's style in words alone. Like draykonis' latest art, which is as much about the angle and the wings and the gorgeous setting as it is about the H/D.

Also found that unless I'm really emotionally invested in a topic, I tend to skim through blocks of text to get the gist of the post - and I tend to assume others might be similar so I guess my numbered posts are a way to keep stuff organized while preventing me from rambling on and on about things - especially when half a dozen other things are also included.

Okay, me done - yeah, as usual, no real point to it all ^^
I think it's great that your lj is sort of evolving and changing as time goes. Mine used to be about RL before I finally made it fannish with lots of random stuff in there.
I'm more of a link reccer, too. In fact, I plan to rec a fic and pic this morning. ^_^
Personally, I think you do a pretty good job reccing art - I often go and look at it, and I rarely if ever go to devart.
I admittedly found your journal through your H/D recs during the last worldcup, but I much enjoy reading your entries now because I always find shiny links & recs in your posts (especially arts as I only pop over to dA every month or so, and also original slash). :)
I've become a link reccer for a lot of reasons, but most importantly it allows me to get the recs out faster and keep reading... and reccing. :P