Goss (gossymer) wrote,

LJ skins, comics

[001] Made a post on noveltybox about custom styles for LJ - not layouts but rather, userscripts to change the way the homepage, default coment pages etc. look on your own computer. Here are the pics:

Livejournal navigation - Horizon sitescheme:

My skin:

Plus the before and after for the comments area, though I still need to replace the icons.

[002] Comms I need to read but keep missing:

metafandom | fanthropology | dw-news | dw_styles
recsrainbow | debut2009 | fangs_fur_fey

Whether I track them or add them to feeds or the flist, I still don't keep up *headdesk*

[003] I'd forgotten how time consuming it can be to do icons I'm happy with as opposed to working on CSS for a layout or something. I'm definitely happier when doing the latter. Still, halfway done with the FMA icons so \o/

[004] Have been going through old X-Men and Spiderman cartoons and comics and was surprised by how much I kept wishing Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde was in X-Men: the Animates Series instead of Jubilee. Oh and saw the old pilot Pryde of the X-Men after years and years - Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists? WTF, LOL. 

But I still can't seem to watch past the first episode of the new Wolverine & The X-Men *shudder*

Expect a pimping post for some spiffy comic!iconmakers on LJ though!

[005] Between the wiki entries on Hollywood Accounting and proposals aimed at rewriting the rules of the music industry, I can't help thinking that with or without piracy, its not going to make a difference to the amount the artists/musicians/scriptwriters etc. receive from the studios

[006] Also can't help but feel that if the media had not made such a big deal about the Wolverine:Origins leak, there wouldn't have been as many people downloading the damn movie. There weren't too many people who were aware of Hulk getting leaked before the release >_> Sure Wolvie is a bigger name but still, hearing about it on the radio in the morning and evening does not help the situation IMO.

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