Goss (gossymer) wrote,

no internet @ home till August 22 :(

Just a note - the little bit of wireless internet I had in my new apartment vanished - and calling up Time Warner, I discovered internet will only be installed on Aug 22 at the earliest.

I'll be able to log on for an hour in the mornings to post stuff but that's about it. This is so unfair. ARGH.

At the moment this means I'm back to my once a day icon posts and I'll try doing Lumos sigs over the weekend - and updating the H/D Directory of Rec Lists.

On the upside, I think I'm finally settling into a new style of bases for Supernatural - lighting correction, smoothing, gradient and recolor. The first three steps I do with Photoshop's batch process but the last one varies from icon to icon- very different effects from the norm. Exciting and scary at the same time. Yes, I'm pathetic, I know *hangs head*

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