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Random weekend poll XD


Poll #1381710 Your Picks...

Pick one:


Pick one:


Pick one:

Justic League

Your favorite comic book character in general:

Edit: Though I will admit that DC has some amazing villains (Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harlequin, Joker etc.) and I adore Batman Beyond - despite it being very much AU - Terry is ♥
cool poll :)
I'm sorry, I'm generally a Lurker, but I wanted to randomly pop out of lurkerdom and say thanks for all the cool links and downloads you post. I've gotten addicted to a lot of things through your lj. :D

Its early in the poll, but its interesting to see the results so far.
Oh, and Agatha Heterodyne is just awesome :) go girl genius!

*goes back to lurking*
Lol, comic book hero polls are always tough though XD Just wondered where people stood when it came to faves and this was the easiest.

Fandom!addiction are GREAT so \o/ Random comments are totally welcome, lol

Need to go find Girl Genius now actually - this could be a great way to get recs for comics ^^
Girl genius is found at:

its such a great comic!
its actually in print too. Volume 8 (i think) is coming out soon and is up for a Hugo award!

Between Superman and Spiderman I picked Superman because I feel like I grew up more with Superman than Spidey. I do like the new Spiderman movies (well at least the 1st two).

Batman is definitely my favorite of the American super heroes though and always has been. :)

And yeah I can't decide between X-Men or Justice League as I was never particularly into either,
I grew up with Spiderman & His Amazing Friends (Spidey, Firestar and Iceman) but also with the old Batman and Superman cartoons - I kinda fangirled Firestar though, lol. Generally, they were all pretty great. There was also the ol' Pryde of the X-Men hahaha

For the old movies and live action shows, Batman definitely wins - and Catwoman pwned in Batman Returns (somehow, the villains have always managed to overshadow Batman in the movies, lol)

In highschool there was Lois & Clark, X-Men evolution, Ultimate Spiderman comics and the movies and smallville later. Never realised until now how much comic book spammage there was from DC and Marvel >_>

While it was all interesting, I found it easier to connect to Spidey, Rogue etc. Though my favorite femmeslash couple is Poison Ivy/Harlequin XD

Batman is so very cool, though never quite connected to him until Terry's Batman in Batman Beyond :) Plus the Spidey!banter always makes me grin haha Probably seen more of Batman than Spiderman come to think of it...

Ironman and Deadpool are new loves XD When it comes to awesome millionaires, I think Tony Stark is at the top, then Lex Luthor and then Bruce Wayne mwhahahahaha
I never read any comics, so mine were all chosen based on movies and TV shows. I don't think I have an all-time favorite.
Will be posting the Ultimate Spiderman comics this weekend (which was what turned me into a Spidey!fangiel actually) though I haven't found any other comics I love since the changes in writers and artists kinda ruin a lot of them for me >_> Must read more tho ^^
I sorta cheated and checked both for Batman/Ironman and JL/X-Men :o I couldn't choose!
WOW. Check out all the X-Men fans!! I blame Hugh Jackman and his legs. Mmmm, legs.
If graphic novels don't count as comics for the purpose of favorite characters, then Batman would be my favorite. But I have to rep Sandman first and foremost.
Choosing between Ironman and Batman was difficult, though I went with Ironman mostly because I really do enjoy Tony Stark's character, despite all of this Civil War fuckery. Still, I tend to like the smaller, less endlessly retconned stuff, like Young Avengers and Runaways.

Speaking of superheroes, you might enjoy this if you've not seen it.
Superman over Spiderman. I've grown up with watching Superman. Though Batman is a favourite. I still remember that old classic Batman series where the song went, 'Nananana, Batman!'. lol.

I got into X-Men late, from the X-Men cartoon which didn't interest me but Evolution did because they had Kitty Pryde. I adored her to pieces the moment I saw her, though they made her so Valley-girl.

And yes, Terry is Love!