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The Amazon failboat

Several people on the flist pointed it out, starting with libby_drew over here. There's also meta_writer's postThe List of Deranked products and the orginal post that started it all.

Basically, books with LGBT themes, some romances and other stuff with adult content are no longer searchable on Amazon and their sales rank has been removed so they won't ever appear on bestseller lists.

However, we still have Playboy (and frickin' sex toys) showing up.

Considering I grew up in a country where books were banned and censored (and most likely still are) and Amazon was the#1 online site I went to, to look up books et all for OVER TEN YEARS, this is just, GOD.

How is this even legal, especially if it targets LGBT? And if its ALL adult material, wow, way to go and shoot yourself in the foot, Amazon - I've gotten used to buying my stuff with 'adult content' online and not locally. I can't imagine how they could even consider doing this, business-wise

If you've used Amazon for purchases in the past, do consider contacting them:

Amazon exec customer service email:
Customer service tel: 1-800-201-7575.
Contact button: Email // Phone

While a lot of calls can make a lot of noise, for a company as big as Amazon, sending emails would leave a bigger mark since it can be logged, forwarded and so on. Please consider taking a moment to drop them a line.

And since there are many alternative stores for buying books (furiosity lists some here) and other products, if censorship pisses you off, you might as well take your business elsewhere.


Amazon responds and claims its a glitch.
(original link here but traffic overloaded the site for now)

I think this twitter says it best:
Ha! Didn't know "glitches" sent out policy revision emails to customers.

And from this blog:
This is not a "glitch". Emails were sent out to the first victims of this new policy more than 2 months ago that stated that it was a policy change. They were all LGBT authors - many of whom had no, or ridiculously little, "adult" content in their books.
oh god I really wish you hadn't quoted that bit from "A Call to Boycott". We're going to compare this to the Holocaust now? REALLY? ._.
Lol, didn't quite read it that way - more along the lines that books with sex (or just LGBT themes) are somehow deemed worth censoring, but so much other stuff is left untouched.
thanks for providing the email button--it was impossible to find on the site!
I kept missing it - until I went to help and then the section informing people what questions others users are asking - which included basically, where the hell is the contact us section, lol
yeah!! i was just clicking around and going where the fuck is the contact info!!!???! and not finding it. i should ETA my post to include the direct link.
Considering the twitterstorm at the moment, I have a feeling there'll be a bit of backtracking by Amazon soon. Though I wonder if it'll get posted on the front homepage like the Kindle and the Amazon Prime did - probably not though. Retractions et all tend to get burried somewhere not very public usually.

Damn, I hadn't thought Amazon would do something like this really D:
well, they might try to bury it, but people will obviously unearth it, considering.

it seems like they've been at this for a while and the momentum only starting building in the last two days!!
Lol, I usually tend to run away from twitter but the #amazonfail tag I linked above shows all the twitters popping up - several dozen keep getting added every minute or so...
Excellent! I was keeping away from the twitter madness, but the viral effect of it is a new thing altogether, and I NEED to watch.
No idea really - just been refreshing the page a bit >_> Pretty much the firt time I've appreciated twitter, lol
- (Anonymous)
No probs :) I just wanted to keep track of various links and found this was the easiest way XD
Goddamn those shitty bastards. If I wasn't so thoroughly pissed off I'd sit down and cry, but for now I'll stick with helping bump the new definition of Amazon Rank even higher. Will probably write them a nasty e-mail speaking my mind too, thanks for the contact info!
Considering it has hit the news streams now, I think Amazon is going to be doing a bit of PR very soon so they can prevent losing too many customers - beyond those they've already lost...
Why must some people be made of such UGH. This is sad and disgusting and I've already contacted them about closing my account.