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Was procrastinating with my icon-making but finally sat down and went through all the remaining files yesterday and voila: Fullmetal Alchemist icons!

My process: take the original image, duplicate and set it to screen and then do over a dozen adjustment layers to get the coloring right. Do noise reduction before cropping/resizing and then unsharp mask after. Then use those adjustment layers for the other screencaps *

I've also been using linear burn/multiply and color dodge layers as demonstrated by sinspire over here. They work especially well on uniforms/clothing - like for Roy in this icon and for Ed over here

And I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot at Ed in this pic bellow - was very happy with how much color I was able to get using just adjustment layers :3

From to  
(Click to zoom)

EDWARD IS SUCH A CUTIE, OMG. ( Now the name no longer makes me think of Twilight, thank god. Alchemists all the way baby, \o/ )

Still, I find icon making takes forever and ultimately time seems to go by faster when I'm doing CSS >_> I can't churn out hundreds of icons every month, especially when its so much easier to stalk other icon makers, lol.

* Though if anyone is interested in the technical mumbojumbo, what I did was while doing my first icon I created an action which recorded all my steps. Then I used the automated batch processing to go through the 50+ caps and run the action on them. Then I just tweaked the layers accordingly for each of the new screencap PSD files.That way I could get filters such as smart sharpen applied automatically too :3
I have absolutely no idea how to do these type of things so this stuff is so helpful. :)
♥ I just posted the photoshop action and a tutorial on noveltybox :) Hopefully they'll prove useful to people making anime icons ^^
Making icons is such a pain sometimes. XD I can't understand how some people can churn out icons week after week. I do manga colouring better.

But but this is about your lovely tutorials. I find it quite helpful specially if I need to icon a screencap that is dark or in the shadows. :)
YEEEES, it takes forever D: Though I think its 'cause I waste so much time on each icon that doing so many is painful. Have never quite understood light sources and shadows and shading so when it comes to people who can color lineart...*worships*

I posted the action and a tut on Noveltybox so others can play around with it :)