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Was procrastinating with my icon-making but finally sat down and went through all the remaining files yesterday and voila: Fullmetal Alchemist icons!

My process: take the original image, duplicate and set it to screen and then do over a dozen adjustment layers to get the coloring right. Do noise reduction before cropping/resizing and then unsharp mask after. Then use those adjustment layers for the other screencaps *

I've also been using linear burn/multiply and color dodge layers as demonstrated by sinspire over here. They work especially well on uniforms/clothing - like for Roy in this icon and for Ed over here

And I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot at Ed in this pic bellow - was very happy with how much color I was able to get using just adjustment layers :3

From to  
(Click to zoom)

EDWARD IS SUCH A CUTIE, OMG. ( Now the name no longer makes me think of Twilight, thank god. Alchemists all the way baby, \o/ )

Still, I find icon making takes forever and ultimately time seems to go by faster when I'm doing CSS >_> I can't churn out hundreds of icons every month, especially when its so much easier to stalk other icon makers, lol.

* Though if anyone is interested in the technical mumbojumbo, what I did was while doing my first icon I created an action which recorded all my steps. Then I used the automated batch processing to go through the 50+ caps and run the action on them. Then I just tweaked the layers accordingly for each of the new screencap PSD files.That way I could get filters such as smart sharpen applied automatically too :3

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