Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Rambling on DW circle policies

zvi's Circle Policy was an interesting read :) I think I'm going to wait until Open Beta too before adding names to my reading list (and crossposting too). Though I have to admit going LOL at this bit:

I love people unlocking for me! No, like, seriously, I do. Way to be totally inconsistent, I know, but I love to see the behind-the-curtain stuff. And I don't break lock, really. And, if I were silently judging you, I'd just unsubscribe, I wouldn't say something hideously embarrassing. So, unlock for me if you'd like, it would be very cool.
Am embarassed to admit I feel very much the same - getting to know what happening under a lock is always interesting :3

Anyway, the post got me wondering about my own Circle policies for DreamWidth. Since I've always treated the flist and LJ tracking as my reading list, those translate easily into a single Subscriptions list.

However, when it comes to Access...looking back over the years, I can think of under a dozen or so posts that were truly private (death in the family etc.) Otherwise, the lock was simply to prevent entries from popping up in google. This IS pretty much a fandom journal >_> The only things usually under flock are the mentions media comms/links et all.

If I do have anything very private I could probably make an Access filter populated by mutual LJ friends. But otherwise I think I'll give mutual Access to anyone who comments/messages after subscribing/giving access to me ( to avoid the bots). So:

Subscriptions: will depend on what I'm interested in reading (as always) - this is me lurking/stalking and it doesn't matter if people don't subscribe back or anything.

Access List: Will do mutual access grants as long as people comment/message so I know they aren't bots. Will need to check if there are any limits to the number of users we can grant access to, too (Edit: Seed accounts get 2000 \o/)

+ if I need it in future, a single Access filter for more familiar friends (particularly those from LJ) for the super rare RL posts that almost never happen, lol.

I've always hated the way doing automatic friend backs on LJ (to give people access to my locked posts) would mean filtering them out when loading the flist. Now people can get pretty much complete access on DW and I can keep the reading list manageable \o\o/o/

The only question remaining is, do I grant access to people I'm subscribed to, even if they've no idea who I am? *ponders*

Oh and to clarify: I will be crossposting to LJ and replying to any comments here too but the list I'll be loading on a daily basis will be located at DW. That's about it. After the kinks are worked out, I might actually move but for the forseeable future, it'll be crossposting.

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