Really fantastic.
I signed up with an open id so I hope I get chosen for an invite :) I'd love to use one of these layouts.
♥ I heard that everyone who has an Open ID account might get an invite by the end of the month :) *crosses fingers*

Edited at 2009-04-20 03:58 am (UTC)
Open id lj accounts will get invites for free dw accounts - and will be able to post entries/import after they use that code to register.
I love the Blue Jeans and Purple color schemes. And it takes a lot for me to like purple because of slightly traumatic childhood memories of meeting Barney. But this is more of an aubergine instead of just regular purple.

Anyway. Lovely, as always! I got a random invite code today but all I've done so far is registered my username.
Lol, purple really are a tough color to wor with - half the time I end up with black and the rest of the time, yup, Barney. I figured a dark gradient and then a splash of color on the navigation links to make the purples pop would work in this case...

Am in no hurry to import my entries et all, at least until open beta XD
These look really great. Nice color choices.

Question: Did you code the modules yourself in a layer, or is this primarily a stylesheet?
Oh this was just css - I played around, then switched all the modules except for navigation and name via the customize style sections. Then it was just some hours with firefox's wed developer add on XD
Awesome. I'm really not savvy with the LJ source code, and I can see that Core 2 is not as convoluted and I'm sure I could muddle through, but if I can do the bulk of it via CSS styling, all the better.
I think the idea is that people will make styles based off of core 2 ( like smoothsailing, mixit etc) which others can then tweak the css off of those and post at unofficial layout comms. Not really sure tho.

Yeah, lj source code has me running in the opposite direction - though if I could find someone who'd set up a layout based on mockups like this one, OMG ♥

Ultimately I didn't design this one with any thought beyond figuring out the css code for core 2 and what does and doesn't quite work (two things it turns out)
It looks awesome, but I have a question, when I view it, in every style - except Coffee - the 'recent entries' column/line/thingamabob makes the 's' (dis)appear into the house, this might be just my finicky me but i wonder if you could change that?

Otherwise very very pretty :DDDDDDDD will you explain how to install it? because I am dumb, D-U-M, when it comes to anything with css/installing layouts/anything higher than the simplest html >.>

I had issues with the prev/forward buttons so ended up doing fixed positioning - so this particular design can't use percentage widths in that case. As such it's optimized for screens that are 1024px to 1280px wide ^^

Once the nav issue is fixed, I hope to do som other designs that are far more fluid - I had actually hoped to do one based on the grid :)

Will include step by step instructions when I post the layout so no worries!
These are lovely :) I love the purple one :D

Out of curiosity, how does one sign up for an open ID?
Every lj user has an openid account so just login over here:

Detailed instructions are here:

Then make sure to verify/validate the email

Invite codes for complete DW accpunts are being sent randomly to anyone with a open id account validated at lj. If you get an invite before Open Beta on the 30th, here's what you can do:
Nope, no problems at all! The thing I love most about your layouts is that they're simplistic without being boring. I am not a huge fan of giant flowers dotting the netscape. :P
I'm browsing with Safari 4 Beta and I'm running Mac OS X Version 10.4 on a MacBook. Since I'm using Safari in beta, I'm not sure how useful this will be for you, but on your reading list when someone posts in a community the individual's username has a 1px solid #444444 line that extends 4px to the left of the username. Here's a screenshot.

It might not be worth your time, especially if the issue is only an issue with beta version of Safari but I thought I'd toss it out there for others that might be seeing this. I don't have a problem when I run Firefox.
Ah, the line isn't always #444444. In Blue Jeans the line is #999999, and in Chocolate the line is #B9A3A4. All the others are #444444. I'm guessing it corresponds with the text color.
Beautiful! The dreamwidth irc channel is squeeing a little over them now, and I look forward to using this style. I have noticed just one issue - the 'my style' link on the right of the nav bar isn't working (shows, but is unclickable). This is in FF3.0.8. And oh, the interest search box is missing from there too, though perhaps that doesn't show on all journals.
Yaaaay \o/ I'm almost done writing instruction to post it at my layout comm and mintyapple :) And thanks for catching the bug - it was an issue with the fixed position but I just corrected it :) Ended up disabling the interest search so the 'view in my style, light' links could be bigger ^^

I can't wait for Core 2 to be finalised - especially at the thought of having sidebar items at the bottom and side :3 And its so much easier to code than mixit (for which the class names always gives me a headache).