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Getting onto Dreamwidth

Been asked a few times so I'm just going to do a post to save me from copy/pasting in future XD

Every lj user has an open id account so you just need to login at DW. Detailed instructions are here.

Also make sure to verify/validate your email

Invite codes for full DW accounts (that allow you to post entires, import your lj with a cllick of a button etc.) are being sent randomly to anyone with a open id account validated at DW. If you get an invite before Open Beta on the 30th, here's what you can do in closed beta.

At Open Beta you can otherwise get a paid account (as explained) and skip the invite code entirely. The minimum cost without a code at Open Beta is $3 for one month of paid membership. After that month you'll still have the account - it will just revert back to free status.

Payment costs for each level (paid vs premium vs seed) are here while info on what each account level gets is here

If you're not interested in getting an account but would like to follow the posts made by people who move there, here are your options

Three other useful posts:
It sounds interesting and much better then some other attempts at new journal sites but I still feel this is people just thinking it will be better than live journal and not realizing that despite LJ issues this site will end up having its own issues.

LJ has the size and history. It's sort of like youtube and other streaming sites. Other streaming sites (like Veoh for example) are better but yet there is still so much more content on youtube. Maybe a bad comparison but I hope what I am saying makes sense.

I guess it doesn't hurt to sign on with an OpenID but I do feel people are sort of jumping the bandwagon here.
Thanks for the info. I'm still planning to be posting/reading in LJ only, but I'll eventually check to see which people leave LJ completely for DW (once things get settled after a few months). If I have to set up some RSS feeds then, I will. I appreciate knowing how to do that!
I'm highly anticipating the new shiny! *waits impatiently for the 30th!*