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Layouts done, WOOT!

Posted up the new layouts for Dreamwidth over here @ noveltybox \o/

Once Core2 is finalised (and named, lol) and we have an official breakdown of the numerous css classes - well, I'll probably be making my dream layout (the structure of which I mocked up here about a year ago) It was impossible to do that for free accounts before but now *_*

In any case I'll be doing fluid and elastic layouts for DW in future - and probably try the grid system, which is long overdue ^^
- (Anonymous)
The friends page non scroll version is what I'm going for :) I love how even your CSS hacks manage to look pretty, lolol

I think it had been the three module limit that bugged me - I'd wanted less or more in beta and couldn't control that :( But I know for the next reboot I'll either be using expressive and porting it over to DW or using Core2, if I can port it over to LJ. Must confirm if that's possible tho >_>

YOU MADE A DW LAYOUT COMM YAAAAAAAY - that's probably the only place on DW I'm going to post my layouts in future :) noveltybox is still very new and I haven't quite gotten the hand of keeping layout stuff over there and not on the personal lj D:

If Core2 does port to LJ though, that would mean the layouts would work for both DW users as well as paid LJ users who don't mind copy/pasting layer codes \o\o/o/
- (Anonymous)
Recognized it immediately but STILL XD And I love how all the pretty DW journals happen to be using your LJ layouts set up for DW MWAHAHAHAHA
- (Anonymous)
That layout you made is perfect! Do you have any intentions on making it official?