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DW Profile and circle lists

Posted this on dw_suggestions but wanted some thoughts. Got to thinking about circle policies and the profile page.

My perfect profile would have relations listed in this way:
  • #1 Journals with Mutual Subscriptions and Mutual Access: basically LJ friends and the like...

  • #2 Journals with Mutual Subscriptions ((but not Access)): actively reading both ways. In my case, the people might have just RL posts they lock and I have no interest in...

  • #2.5 ++ Also Subscribed to: journals I'm stalking/lurking on but don't see the point of giving access (professionals/authors who probably don't need to see posts about certain stuff being shared for instance, lol)

  • #3 Journals with Mutual Access ((but not Subscriptions)): trusted or in my case basically people who introduce themselves and are not bots.

  • #3.5 ++ Also Gives Access to: IDK, will probably be empty, but maybe people I hope to become friends with? Or maybe people who got access but didn't want to give it since it would mean my being able to access RL stuff of theirs that they'd rather keep private.

Even if a revamp of the mutual relations listing version of the profile doesn't happen, IMO there still needs to be a way to highlight and differentiate between #1, #2 and #3 when viewing other people's profiles; to differentiate between the WTF (Watching/Trusted/Friends) groups easily and quickly.

Also the option to reorder which comes first (so access lists come after subscriptions instead of above). Depending on people's circle policies, people will change it accordingly to what matters most to them so it will differ according to the individual journal and comm.

Anyway, if y'all could reorder them, how would relations be listed on your profiles?

Will refrain from spammage regarding DW soon, I swear :(
Hmm, I'm not sure. I'm still waiting for the chance to actually get in to see what it's like. But I think I'd have something similar to what you have there. Not sure.

I don't mind the spammage, it helps me keep up with what's happening with DW.
The above was based on the mutual relations listing that is:

Mutual Access
Also fives access to
Mutual Subsciptions
Also subscribes to

which seems a bit lacking IMO so I keep trying to find people with both mutual access and mutual subscriptions (both on the mutual!profile and the regular!profile) *sigh
Huh, I can see what you mean with that.

Now, question - Are you able to customize this? Or make additional ones???
Right now we can't really do anything with the relations listing on the profile besides hide who subscribes/gives you access or turn on mutual access/subscriptions. No reordering, no customization or anything. Hence the comment at dw_suggestions ^^
I don't know if I'd reorder them, but I'd love if there was a hide option for all categories. Something that just showed the number, so that you could glance at it and see, yeah, this person has X many people subscribed. Or even just a hide option for everything but who subscribes to you.

I think they're on the right track with the profile, but it's not quite where it should be.
I think they wanted more transparency so I'd at least like the options to auto collapse a list (or all of them) so people who visit the profile see the bio and the number and need to expand the lists to see the actual named (particularly for the access list personally)
Oh and its hilarious how on lj when people hide who has friended them, I automatically run to the friend-of deprivacy site to find out the numbers and names XD

In my case, the mutual access would reflect the people following my journal at DW ^^
I used to keep my "friend of" section private just because it was kind of large and I like things to be neat. But the collapse option helped with that.
here via the metafandom delicious
There used to be a Greasemonkey script for the old profile that automatically unhid this info for you! It was a lot more useful for figuring out certain profile/friending issues than relying on the directory. I would often forget that it was "supposed" to be "hidden." >_>
this is all so confusing! or...not confusing because i understand what dw is trying to do with subscribing vs giving access, but tbh, i've never felt a need for it, and now, should i also set up shop over at dw, i have to not only think about friending people back but deciding between subscribing to them or giving them access or neither. it's all very tiring and i don't even have a journal over there yet, haha.

also, do you know how filtered posts are imported to dw? i have a lot of filtered posts, lol.
I didn't want to stress about access since its all fandom anyway so mutual access after introductions seemed like the easiest thing for me. Don't have to think about it and it eliminates a lot of the access vs subscriptions dilemma. I'll give access and subscription to journals who I'd love to have mutual relations with - but if they don't reciprocate, I can always remove access and lurk via subscriptions only.

In any case, the subscriptions I can update regularly according to current interests and different reading list filters depending on fandom maybe :)

I think the issue is that we've worked with the idea of friending for everything, even when it's not enough in certain cases (especially with fandom and RL and proffessional interests etc.). Having more options in this case means rethinking how we connect socially in a blogging community. I kinda love that because it goes beyond just the social network aspect and into blogging and feeds and the other side. Ultimately I think somewhere down the line once we've used DW enough, we'll find a balance :)

Importing (once all the bugs are figured out) is intended to be a one click process - at the moment filtered posts end up filters to glist groups that are empty i think (you need to re-add the people to the groups) but in future I think they're working on having your filtered posts stay filtered to exactly the people you locked it to. I think. There's a lot of info in alot of places and its hard to find a single place with the right info D:
yeah, for me it's more complicated because i also talk about rl and work things and use filters for that stuff. so i'd definitely have to think about what kind of access i want to give to someone. i have very few people on my flist who aren't mutual friends, i.e. where i give them access to flocked posts when i can't access theirs. i sort of like the idea of subscriptions for revolving interests, though. hmm.

it's good to know that it imports with filters because i wasn't going to go through thousands of posts and check if they're filtered correctly!
I'm intrigued by the whole DW project, but I really need to read up on the FAQ or something because all of that just went right over my head XD I am assuming I understand what those terms mean but I want to be certain so... I have a bit of reading to do LOL

Thank you for the continual updates, really XD It serves as a reminder for me to actually go check it out <3
Your Circle: everyone you subscribe/give acces and subscribes to you/gives you access on DW
Subscribe: journals you're watching/reading - public entries
Access: trusted journals, allowed to read locked posts
Reading page: = Friendlist (basically all journals you've subscribed to, and if they've given you access, you'll see their locked posts too)
Reading filters: organize journals you've subscribed to according to fandoms, or maybe a fanfic filter etc.
Access filter: locking certain posts you make to a partocular group of trusted journals (e.g. RL posts)

On the DW mailing list, this was talked about at Watching/Trusted/Friends (WTF) XD

Basically those journals with mutual subscriptions and access would be the equivalents of LJ friends I think. Though now it'll be possible for people to subscribe to a fanfic author, who'll give them access to locked fics, without having to subscribe to them back.

On LJ, when doing the friend-to-read-locked fics/stuff thing, people who friend authors et all can end up having their locked, unfiltered posts viewed by people they may or may not trust. Its just one example of the limitations of friending on lj, IMO
(via metafandom, I think)
I'd order them:

1) Mutual Subscription & Mutual Access

2) Mutual Access

3) Mutual Subscription

4) Also gives access to

5) Also subscribed to

6) Also has access from

7) Also subscribed by

Once you lay it out like that, it's clear that I value mutual relationships first, and see access as more crucial than subscription. Part of that is because there are so many silent ways to read, and I know there are people reading me via friendsfriends (on LJ) and just by cruising over, so 'read' is just the people who use their reading page and want to admit to it in public.