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ICECREAM! And awesome posts!

Am eating Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream, and bloody hell, the Turtle Cheescake is to die for. Cheescakey goodness blended smoothly with chocolate and stuff and just, wow.

I've come to realise that a lot of the time people assume that because a certain lj user has over 200/500/2000 watchers, that people are already aware of the routine awesomeness that is their ljs - as is the case with thefourthvine.

However, I have to say, no, some people DO live under a rock - like myself. And when we finally discover the journals - well, there are the moments where we can't help thinking, where have you been all me life.

With that in mind, I'm going to try to pimp out individual ljs or comms now and then - they may or may not be BNFs, they may not apeal to everyone under the sun. But...they might be journals that someone wished they'd come across earlier. The only limit will be that they'll focus on media or fandom. But otherwise, anything is fair game XD

First off is painless_j - who, most people automatically link to the Harry Potter fandom. While she has been a heavy hitter there for the longest time, she has recently begun making forrays into anime and manga and the like. This is particularly good for people who've always thought about trying animanga but didn't know where to start and also for people looks for some new stuff to try.

Because dudes, she can take all that flailing and spazzing, and change them into actual reviews that just click. So do check out her posts :3

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