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Way longer than I thought...

[001] I have this feeling that once the Half Blood Prince movie comes out and we have photos and meta and headdesking, I'm gonna end up jumping back into HP and H/D and catching up on the backlog of awesome fic :) I feel like I'm getting back in the mood for some Draco lovin' *happy sigh*

[002] Found a list of rec lists @ aznara_recs as well as one for NaruSasu. SCORE!!! The first post also leads to several multi-fandom lists such as Reccing the Reccers. It makes me realise that I need to take the time and find reccers I click with beyond those I've come across in the HP fandom.

[003] OMG DW SEED ACCOUNT *grabby hands* Note to self: 8PM CENTRAL, BUY. By tonight I'm going to be either super happy or super disappointed (if seed accounts sell out in 5 minutes or something equally insane D:)

[004] I know its evil but I felt sadistically happy to hear that Adam Lambert was in the bottom two for American Idol. Of course this means the legion of fangirls will come back even stronger and Allison is definitely out next week but \o/ Yay for surprise upsets, MWHAHAHAHA (especially when I want the unpopular contestant to win). I wish Allison would last till the top two or three D:

[005] Tom Felton has finally found the hairstyle that works for him and it shows in all the press photos , photoshoots etc. (+ 1, 2, 3) Just in time really, 'cause HBP is definitely going to give him the most media coverage :3 I cannot wait for the photo spammage to come Apart from him, the two other actors I'm keeping an eye out for are Mathew Lewis (reason) and Devon Murray.

[006] noveltybox crossed 800 watchers and gossbox crossed 1000 (though in the past 48 hrs or so, membership doubled and crossed 1500, yikes) Will start moderated membership or an invite based system soon for GB. Definitely don't want it to grow too fast >_>

[007] Interesting posts lately:
[008] I'm hoping that over the next month I'll be able to do a shared Core2 layout that both, works across platforms (Windows, Macs, mobiles etc.) AND expands gracefully for those with accessibility issues (poor eyesight etc.)

This will be the first layout where I'm gonna try to put the css in some semblance of organization and then start working on graphic intensive designs (accessibility layout first though!) Still discovering small bits an pieces I haven't formatted yet and DW is stil changing/adding classes since Core2 is still in beta.

There's also the DW and LJ site scheme designs I would like to make some headway in and a layout or two I was supposed to make (including my own 2009 reboot) but have yet to happen *wince* Most likely something is going to end up getting delayed but not sure what yet.

For personal reference, the icon sets I downloaded that I might use in future (and would therefore need to credit *headdesk*):

Developpers Icons | Knob Buttons | Monofactor | Cult-f | On Stage | Aesthetica Sapphire

[009] lemonpunch continues to make me all *_* with her icon coloring:



And here I thought there's wasn't much to blog about ^^
Wow the coloring is amazing for those icons.

I don't really get the whole hype abt DW, I know I've read several articles and am planning on buying an acc tmr just to join the hype, but is it that much different from LJ?

And thanks so much for the NaruSasu rec list I like NaruSasy so much more than SasuNaru.
She's one of the newer iconmakers who makes me go *_* consistently haha

Only time will tell really, but it has the potential and the planning to go far IMO. And I really really want to help with design and layouts et all...

I think it's a mix of both NaruSasu and SasuNaru - and I'm happy that its not one or the other since I don't really have a preference either way (especially with canon being as it is haha)
Pretty, pretty icons. *__*

Tom with his hair like that looks a bit like Jason Isaac. Which is really brilliant. He looks better with his hair like that. :D

Haha, I got myself a Twit (I refuse to call it Twitter) but I haven't been using it for the last two days. I think I got bored of it and the only time I'm able to Twit is at work as it lags like crazy when I try to Twit using the home computer.
I've pimped out LP before, but her icons are just so pretty...

Previously, the haircuts were usually a bit too short in the front for his forehead and face, so this style really clicks :3

LOL, I think I'd only use it to message others and wouldn't bother to update otherwise XD
Can you explain to me in small words what the appeal of a DW seed account is? It's no better, feature-wise, than a premium paid account, so what's supposed to be so great about it (aside from the fact that it lets you never need to support the site again)?
With DW's larger price tag, I know I'd never put down money every year indefinitely. Initially, I'd resigned myself to being with a free account forever, but a commish I'd been wanting didn't pan out so the money that would have gone for that is going into this :)

And a large part of LJ is the developer area for layouts so I know I'd feel like something was missing if I didn't have that on DW. In a way it has more long term benefits than the commission really.

I'd pretty much thought this was a done deal for over a month, so seeing the increased interest in seed accounts over the past few weeks has gotten me rather worried D:
Okay, so what you're saying is there is no actual appeal aside from "I never need to support the site again if I want nifty features", right? I'm not saying that's a BAD thing; I'm just trying to understand what makes seed accounts special.
"I never need to support the site again if I want nifty features"

= "I never have to pay another bill again" for me but yeah, pretty much the same thing, just depends how you view it XD

Am trying to contribute in non-monetary ways instead - mainly just design in the near future but lets see where it goes. Am very excited about the layout stuff that's happening :)

And omg, I never realised how Hiruma and Ichigo seem to communicate via those two icons XD XD MWHAHAHAHA
Oh... wow. *blushes* Thank you so much for reccing my rec com. I was lurking on your LJ and found your post and now I have a huge stupid grin on my face. I love your rec lists (and gossbox), so really, thank you for taking the time to rec my posts in your own LJ. Thanks.
/stupid babbling.
I've had this entry up meaning to comment on it but I can't remember what I was going to say, other than I am SO EXCITED over HBP (even though it was my least favorite of the books) and I think Tom Felton is precious.
*wishes for icon skillz*
Bah, I have to beg my dad for Photoshop as PhotoPlus isn't doing anything for me right now!

Anyways, is it just me, or does Tom Felton's jawline remind anyone of Jesse Spencer? Mmmm . . . *drool*