DW Open Beta sale


All 200 permanent dreamwidth accounts that went on sale today, sold out in under 24 minutes.

After 5 minutes: 100 sold
After 7 minutes: 150 sold
After 14 minutes: 175 sold
After 19 minutes: 190 sold
After 24 minutes: sold out

The last 200 seed accounts go on sale tomorrow! (Edit: Due to an error with new account creation there'll be one more sale of 200 seed accounts next weeek too! The way they deal with problems is just ♥)

Okay, I might be the only one who found the numbers interesting >_> But yay for an official permanent account :)
I was one of those who bought one in the first 4 minutes XD

wow that is certainly impressive. :O

i'm still patiently awaiting an invite code, as i signed in with OpenID and validated my email.
what i want to know is, when i get this invite code, does it give me full access to posting etc, and i don't have to pay for an account? tis a little confusing..

but congrats anyways~
- (Anonymous)
I'm glad you got one! When I signed on to buy my paid account, only 25 were left, and I thought of you.
I was actually running out till 7:30 and then I was all "crap, must get home asap!" haha

Was all O_O at seeing 100 gone in 5 minutes. Now I kinda wanna go find those other buyers and have a squee session lolol
LOL, I was one of those buyers. I started frantically refreshing the cart url once my clock chimed 9pm.
Yes, same here! I'd made certain my PC clock was within ten seconds of the official time a few days ago so I wouldn't be a minute late XD They were very punctual too, ahahaha - probably automated lol

But it's so cool how the refreshing got way faster after getting the seed account mwhahaahha
Congratulations! I totally can't afford a Seed account (or a Paid account) so I'll just have to settle for having an account number lower than 500.
Holy SMEG.

I wasn't planning on getting one - yet - but wow I'd have to be fast.
LOL yeah when I was paying for my acc (kept having to refresh, cause they had some error) I kept seeing the Seed ACC count go lower and lower, it was interesting to watch actually. And I wondered if you got one.
I was one of the few who bought in the first few minutes. I had my browser pointed to the shop URL and when it hit 9, I hit enter but they hadn't opened it yet, so I kept refreshing. At 9:01 the shop opened and I grabbed mine up as quickly as possible. Lol.