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On DW invites

About ten thousand invites were distributed tonight and there'll be thousands more tommorrow too. So you are going to get one at some point. Have four invite codes to hand out, which I'll do over the weekend. (EDIT: More info on new invite codes over here)

I was half inclined to type DON'T PANIC in large friendly letters but figured people would miss the Hitchhiker's Guide reference

Steps towards DW for me...
  1. Import my entries and begin crossposting- this weekend probably

  2. Make a post for introductions + giving access to those who comment after subscribing/granting access (will be opt-in)
    Edit: Make an flocked (and not crossposted) entry on LJ for friends to pass along their DW names and to opt in for access if interested.

  3. Start subscribing to LJ flisters with DW accounts

  4. Filter out friends who are crossposting to DW from the Default View on LJ - ultimately the idea is to funnel all posts being read, onto the DW reading list and to prevent the dreaded doublepost across both the LJ flist and the DW reading list.

  5. Set up reading filters for media/icon comms and comms of certain fandoms so default reading view on DW is just personal journals

  6. If people don't start posting on DW by mid May, see about getting their LJ posts over to DW and unsubscribe from any empty DW accounts

  7. Do access filter(s), if needed.

Hope to be all settled in by mid-May :3
Ugh everyone is already playing over at DW and I'm stuck on naming my journal. XD

(I always think of you as shabz - or shabsy! Or...uh, never mind >_>) Hope you settle on one soon!
I stuck to shabzilla in the end just because it was easier than trying to come up with something else. XD
Oooh, you validated your email for Open ID right? If you don't have one by the weekend, drop me a message and I'll send a code over XD
Eee I kinda of love you for mentioning Hitchhikers ♥ Despite not knowing if I'll use DW or not, I accepted an invite. Next step, make it less visually scary (most likely with one of your lovely layouts)!
♥ Hitchhiker will always have a special place in my heart haha :3

The seed account will ensure that I post and make the transition to DW and LJ posting - 'cause I had IJ/JF/GJ accounts that were always empty and pointless in the long run :(
Dropping a comment to say that I discovered you in this whole DW process (sort of hard not to, lol) and friended you accordingly. X3
I just got an invite from a friend and will investigate things in the next few days. :)
Also, I so totally wouldn't have missed th H2G2 reference, good old frood. :P