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Poll + Journal Reboot

The latest mockups of my reboot - I've settled on the way the entries are going to look but I'm not sure where the navigation icons should go - so here are two options...

Edit: Thanks guys! Here is the almost!finalised version, based on the feedback. I think I'll just have two sidebar modules, one for popular posts/important links on the left and the calendar module on the right (so I know if I've already posted for the day at a glance, lol)

  • The greyscale icons are access/subscribe/track/message if anyone was wondering. Just the last three will appear on the LJ version.

  • Am very happy with the entry organization since the username/comm go at the top which always tells me more about what the entry will focus on than the title of a post does XD. And the date and entry management icons on the same level make them easier to ignore and skip to the comment/link buttons, MWHAHAHA

  • Font sizes will be bigger than my current LJ layout for easier readability (probably overcompensation for the general layouts coming out on lj design comms with tiny text >_>)

  • I might end up putting the list of links on the left and calendar on the right and the rest of the sidebar modules at the bottom/footer and out of the way from the entries.

  • Definitely don't want a horizontal menu across the top since I'm tired of scrolling down to read an entry's content.
i voted first version. it's very pretty, and nice and clean looking. excellent work, as always :) <3
I was worried that the smaller icons on the left and bigger font vs the bigger icons and small fonts on the right would look off to people ^^ Thanks!
I like the first version as well. My eyes automatically followed the icons from one side to the other. Seemed to flow better for me. The second version, there seemed a little too much in then right hand corner.
Hmmm, I like both versions, but as someone said, the icon flow was a bit better in the first, and the entry is really the center of the gaze, which is always my preference :D.
Those layouts are really really awesome! I voted for the first one - it just seems neater and more easier to navigate than the second one.
You've inspired me to get to work on mine today. I've had the graphics done for nearly a week. I think it's a testament to how much I love the DW layouts you shared that I've not been more motivated to change.
♥♥♥ I'd actually been trying to do my DW profile but even strict XHTML gets screwed up (I wish it were a bigger priority for them so the bug would have gotten fixed by Open Beta)

Bah, I guess I'll just link to the lj profile for the time being and move onto importing stuff.

But yay for journall reboots, woot!
I really like the first version. I think it's a bit more balance with the icons on both sides. And this is an awesome redesign btw.

Also, how is the coding with DW? I want to do something with mine - but haven't really looked into the CSS.
The css is fab for Core2 - however, if you use theme layer hacks on lj, they won't work on core2 (the code hacks needs to be adjusted) But if you only rely on css then there shouldn't be a problem :)
- (Anonymous)
f they were monochrome beige or something to pick up on the rest of the colour scheme, they might integrate into the layout a little more.

That would definite fit better with the colorscheme - the grey does feel a bit jarring.

Added the text on the right to balance out the text on the left (and 'cause the space above looked a bit odd being so blank) but might be able to move the 'fandom journal' text elsewhere...
vote the first one :3
it was nice and neater than the second one, in my thought^^
you did an awesome work there X33