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Art & Animated Shows...

[001] BEST WALLPAPER EVER - seriously, never been so attracted to abstract design, especially one with so much chocolatey goodness. The colors are just LOVE.

[002] Thanks to the poll in the last post, I've pretty much finalized the design, apart from the two sidebar modules. Also did a revamp of my DW profile which highlights the circle policy.

Unfortunately, there's a bug with the DW profile page which causes most code (even if you stick to strict XHTML) to break, so I spent way too long just coming up with a temporary version that worked *sigh* I don't know, didn't want to start the import process with a profile page that looked half missing >_>

[003] I watched the Iron Man Armoured Adventures cartoon which...turned out to be rather blah. The script/dialogue was extremely predictable, the action didn't flow too well (at least in comparison to The Spectacular Spider-man and Avatar) and the 3D art looked incredibly clunky D:

[004] If anyone if interested in seeming some Marvel cartoons - both old and brand new - you can watch them on the official site over here

[005] Sometimes you forget how talented the flist is - for instance bzzinglikeneon is doing some gorgeous art, previews of which you can check out here and here *_*

[006] Been playing Spectacular Spider-man in the background while doing coding and the voice work is actually really good, at least compared to the usual cartoons coming out these days - very captivating even with sound!only :)

[007] And here are some DevART pretties

Pretty boys...
  • Caro by *janaschi - will never get over the sheer brilliance of this artist.

  • Diane - a pencil sketch that looks like a photo.

  • Self Portrait by Loish

25 Expressions meme...
Multi-Panel // comics
  • Angel by virus-AC74 - I thought the backgrounds were photomanips or something - so realistic!

  • Lashified Characters - ok, so the eyelashes for the girls make the eyes a bit beetle!like, but the guys are so pretty :)

  • Anbu SasuNaru - yes, fanart. Is it possible to have a DevART post from me without any?
RE #1: Did you find that yesterday? I think we were on the same wavelength because I downloaded the wallpaper for my daughter's computer, made a whole chocolate desktop theme for her out of it.
Yesterday or day before, don't remember which but saw it on the popular page and was all *_* and *drool* In any case I have an unhealthy obsession with dark chocolatey brown in art & design XD
*whimper* Dryad...wanted to write a dryad for so damn long...and solar elemental is such a cool concept...want to write it...So many WiPs already...T_T

You are bad for me. :p
1. My gosh, that wallpaper is GORGEOUS. I've been looking for a new one, and that's perfect.

2. I see you (presumably) did what I ultimately settled on with your profile. I think I'm actually happier with it now than the one I had originally coded in a table, so fortunately it's not too much of a wrench.

5. I do love you, my dear. ♥

7. GUH, those portraits are amazing, thanks for the recs.
1. The colors just make me all...*drool*

2. I tried multiple options and then aligned the image on the left instead of right by accident and it turned out it looked better there so it stuck XD YAY FOR MINDS THINKING ALIKE ET ALL XD


7. Realistic!portraits of non-famous people are a guilty pleasure of mine :)
wlkejlskdjfsdklj AU!STARFIGHTER! OMG SO ADORABLE! I can SO see Cain getting all pissed off and control-paddle-throwy when he loses. XD

And ANB!SasuNaru is my favourite rendition of them. Along with ANBU!Sasuke/Hokage!Naruto as per my icon!

Also, I always love your DA/Art posts!
And then AU!Abel smarts a snarky comment and Cain totally gives it to him mwhahahaaha *mind is never leaving the gutter*

ANBU!Sasuke/Hokage!Naruto *A* OMG, YES.

♥ The only way to fit them in numbered posts is under a cut, lol
Ooo, I haven't tried setting up my profile over on DW. I did see that lilian_cho was able to use my LJ profile layout over there, so hopefully it will work.

I just remembered that you made your DW layout from the Core 2 Beta. I think I will start over with another style when more are released in the future.