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AI, DW and Amazing Spider-man

[001] If anyone is interested in leaked songs by American Idol contestants, some by Kris Allen were posted publicly over here and here

[002] Access is now open on DW so if you've suscribed/granted access, just comment/introduce yourself here - the LJ flist can head to this post :)

[003] Note to self: please get around to catching up with Shousetsu Bang*Bang at some point ^^

[004] Amazing Spiderman issues #471 to #542 - written by J. Michael Straczynski - are amazing. If you've seen a few Spidey cartoons or the movies et all, you don't need to read the previous issues really. I just jumped in and was glad I did that 'cause the art and story are brilliant.

The thing is, I remember seeing issue #478 a few years ago in the mall and being all, O_O because of the first page:

(( Yes, Aunt May discovers Peter's identity ))

Will be making a post at GB about this story arc, because it gets more and more awesome until #542 which is OMG SO FRICKIN' FABULOUS.

And then Marvel destroys years of continuity by changing over a decade of comic book history. Peter and Mary Jane never marry, lots of other things get changed and the whole series is currently just a giant WTF.

But the 70 or so issues by Straczynski made me ♥ Peter Parker hardcore. So, definitely expect a post on GB :3

[005] Version 3.0 of Scimitar Smile makes me all spazzy, especially the quotes that change every few seconds on the homepage :)

Another bit of awesome is the submission list for their Original AU category of the Brave New Worlds contest which I must try out soon.

[006] I have 6 DW invite codes available for anyone who wants one :)

Edit: was going to title this post "AI, DW, FMA & ASM" but figured that was waaay too many acronyms XD
I'm feeling left out since EVERYONE has DWs now. Could I have one of those invite codes?
I LOVED when Aunt May found out. Most amazing thing ever. I remember everyone saying that OMG if she ever found out she'd have a heartattack, it would be SO BAD FOR HER. And Aunt May man, no way, she was totally kickass.

I have an ASM story to share. When John Romita SR.(whom I love as much as I love Straczynski) was retiring, my dad sent him a fan letter, not asking for anything just telling Romita how much he appreciated all his hard work. And Romita was so touched, he not only sent him a HAND WRITTEN LETTER, he sent him a sketch basically saying, everybody always asks for one and you didn't so here you go. It makes me melt a little bit everytime I think about it.

I love ASM so much, I don't think I can read it again until they settle down. Is it very FTW right now? I'm a bit heartbroken over it and so I've been out of touch.

Um. Sorry. I slipped into SERIOUS BIZNESS FAN for a minute there. -_- Heh.

On an entirely different note, could I maybe get one of those DW codes? I think DW looks like fun!
The way they dealt with her finding out was great - or at least better than a lot of superhero!identity reveals done in the past IMO :)

Aww man, that is just so nice :) I have ALL the spiderman comics out now but I have no idea what order to read them in, but I'll try putting his stuff at the top of the list.

After reading the arc by Straczynski, I googled a bit and the Brand New Day arc has been going on for over a year and fans are STILL waiting for it to get retconned *sigh*

(( And I think I sent over a code, right *memory fails* ))
Yeah it was. But then, Aunt May is SUCH an awesome character.

Oh Romita is the best, I'd definitely recommend doing it that way, lol. He's always active with the stories too, so it's always top notch. One of the things he's known for is helping to create Wolverine too actually. Which is awesome, lol.

Ug. That makes me HORRIBLY SAD. A WHOLE YEAR. Argh.

And yeah you did. I'm set up there now. Thanks a lot! :)
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*meep* If you still need one, just msg me and I'll send one over!

...and I reply to the wrong request *headddesk* IGNORE XD

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The USM and ASM reveals are both my faavorites but after re-reading USM, I'm not sure why but ASM has more impact o_O Not sure why though.

The organic webbing, the suit changes, the maryjane get back together - I loved it all really until One More Day and then I was all WTF WTF. Was way depressing to find out that after so long they STILL haven't retconned it all D: