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[001] Fanart - well, I have just four words: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. OMG, my childhood *_* It made me run back for the slashy fanart of my favorite four dudes as not quite turtles :D :D I have the theme song stuck in my head now, oh god.

[002] Oh and speaking about slash, in page 41 (NSFW) of Starfighter, Cain and Abel are still going at it *mind in the gutter*

[003] It wasn't until I read this comment that I realised it was odd that there has not been a syndicayed feed for F_W on LJ...but there is one on DW. Yes, you can have Fandom Wank i.e. [info]fandom_wank_feed on your DW reading list! And guess what, its #2 on the syndicated feeds list XD

Personally, [info]fandom_wank > ohnotheydidnt when it comes to entertainment value XD

I also ended up adding:

[info]henryjenkins_feed | [info]neilgaiman_feed

[info]otw_news_feed | [info]sinfest_feed | [info]smartbitches_feed

[004] And I just realise an hour ago that by having two homes at LJ and DW, if either ones goes down, I can run to the other platform to post my "OH NOEZ!" post. Though if the entire internet crashes...well, obviously it's the end of the world and no whining is going to help the matter >_>

[005] Y'know, with layouts I'm used to a spate of comments initially until they die off and then one or two come in every now or then (and old icon posts get a comment once in a blue moon, lol) so I was all O_O over the past few days since a lot of comments started coming in for the Back to Basics layouts. I turn off e-mail notifications for NB and GB but activate comment tracking - so I was all !!! at the comments appearing in the inbox so often suddenly. I was wondering if there was a pimping post somewhere I missed.

Then the [info]dw_news post came out and I realised what had happened: people who no longer had paid accounts could no longer use core1 layouts on DW and had switched over to B2B for the time being. So I expect most people will switch them out when new TabulaRasa themed layouts start appearing.

Which is cool, since I started editing the CSS with the idea of making the reading list easier to read...until other shiny core2 layouts got released :) And since Core2 is awesomesauce compared to s2 core 1, hopefully more people will get interested in playing with the CSS once stylesheets and guides get distributed in the near future for core2 :)

[006] furiosity posted a rant and I'll just post this bit:

I really dislike the upswing in the trend to treat readers as a commodity, as second-class participants in fandom or `freeloaders'. Like, there's an even greater tendency to imply that readers *only* read and don't contribute anything ~meaningful~ to fandom like writers do. Reading is meaningful, you jackasses. Just because someone else's engagement with your fanwork isn't meaningful to you personally doesn't mean it lacks all merit or that it contributes nothing to fandom and fanlore.
Also went ♥ a number of times during this particular thread on the post.

The mention of 2006 meta led to me going through old tagged posts and rereading some old classic rants by f:
If you hated The Da Vinci Code, are you going to keep your mouth shut about it on the off chance that Dan Brown accidentally overhears you and his feelings get hurt? If anything, you should be grateful that someone cared enough about your work to say something about it to the world at large. It means you're making an impression. Whether or not that impression continues to stay bad is up to you.
I believe the issue with the fandom wank feed on LJ is that there are too many people subscribing to the feed so it doesn't work. The same thing happened to me with the Obama campaign blog feed during the election (which started working right after the election when a lot of people stopped subscribing: I was able to get the McCain campaign blog feed pre-election just fine). Tech-minded people, please feel free to tell me I'm OMG!wrong! because I'm just speculating here.

Anyway, I just made a feed of the DW Fandom Wank feed to read here on LJ: fanwank_dw. It works!
I couldn't tell you where I heard it but someone was of the mind that lj kept deleting the fandom wank feed (purposely was the implication). Something about how that made dw better. Idk.
That's possible: but I was always able to add the LJ fanwank feed to my subscriptions. However, I wouldn't get the actual feed on my flist. And I have attempted to change the name of the feed (in case there was a problem with the original feed name) but LJ kept defaulting to the old feed name. If LJ had deleted the feed, I would think we'd be able to make a new one under a different name. But again, I really have no idea how this works.
Neither, I don't know enough either to be able to say, and never tried to add it myself.

Either way, hopefully the feed from dw works for anyone who wants it.
Once a feed's url is registered and a name is given, whenever someone tries to create another feed for it, the name defaults to the original, first name I think. It also allows LJ to delete the feed more easily since, well, same name so no searching XD

And they could probably claim the same reasons for deleting the feed as they did for deleting the F-W comm off of lj in the first place I think...
Like, there's an even greater tendency to imply that readers *only* read and don't contribute anything ~meaningful~ to fandom like writers do.

I really dislike that attitude, from a personal standpoint. I'm a 'reader only' but I like to think my archive has been meaningful to GW fandom. I'm not a writer, but I've held contests that inspired authors to write fics they may not have written otherwise. I'm not an artist either, but I've commissioned an incredible amount of fanart over the years.

I know I'm only one reader, but a lot of people who make archives don't write themselves, or write very little. I'm pretty sure the owner of the largest GW archive/BBS never wrote fic himself/herself, and the owner of the largest GW rec site wrote only one fic that I'm aware of.

So yeah, that attitude annoys me a lot. ;_; Thank you to the person who argued against it!
Ended up rambling about the topic in a new post but while I know I probably wouldn't have friended your f-locked LJ if I hadn't recognized you from GW, you're still on the flist not because of the fandom contributions (which are still fab though) but 'cause I love reading your posts and our comment!conversations. I value your opinion because of that and not simply for the contributions. Which I guess doesn't get said very often because hey, constantly pimping fanworks but still, am more likely to friend people with interesting fandom opinions here and just track/add to feeds those who just make fandom contributions.
I like furiosity's rant... I feel that way sometimes too. I mostly read, but it doesn't mean I don't contribute! Readers are contributions. Without us, the writers would be absolutely nowhere.
Years ago I worked in book world, and had an author who could not let go of his manuscript. 'Give it up,' I said. 'It needs readers. Readers are your book's way of having sex. If you don't have any readers, you're just wanking.'
Readers are your book's way of having sex. If you don't have any readers, you're just wanking.


ETA: May I icon that? <_<

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Thanks for posting the links to Human!TMNTs. Just the other day I was going through your journal archive hunting for it and gave up when I kept getting distracted by your shiny posts :P:P


ps. Do you have any invite codes left? I'm feeling awfully left out here :(
Lol, really need to tag everything...but gave up early on XD Msg me if you need a code :)
I started reading that webcomic because you posted a link some time before. I never thought I'd get into it and I did.

I wonder when they'll stop doing it and have a conversation about it and then do it again...
I wonder when they'll stop doing it and have a conversation about it and then do it again...

Oh god *dies* Just the thought of it makes me all njnjaienfajksncf
Aww, you are the best, that is, you are my library now :) I'm so not here the last few weeks that I find it hard to cope even with my flist. Not with your posts though :) Thanks, hon!

If you come across some Scar icons from FMA:B, please link! Also, thanks again for getting me addicted to FMA. I LOVE IT SO FREAKING MUCH! :)))
♥ I would have thought all the numbered!stuff in the posts would have made them even more difficult to cope with haha

I totally didn't realise my FMA community filter was still private - have made it public:

It's an easy way to keep track of icons et all XD Will keep an eye out for Scar!icons! Though if you have any favorite screencaps, send them my way! AM SUPER HAPPY ABOUT THE FMA LOVE *HEARTS LIKE MAD*