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So, for the first time ever this season, I watched American Idol on TV, since I wanted to see Allison's performance(s). If you're wondering how it went, two good posts are here (by furiosity) and here.

Adam and Allison's duet, Slow Ride was awesome. There's something about having their voices in the same song that just sounds fabulous. Though it figures that the few times I find great chemistry in a het duo, the guy happens to be gay, lol. Still, all the hugging, and using the same hair stylist and the "little sister" comment ♥♥♥

Moving on, even if I had just done audio!only for this episode of AI, I'd still prefer Kris over Danny since that final screach from the latter made me wish the remote was next to me so I could switch the TV off for a minute. Worst sound on AI, EVER. WTF, Danny, WTF.

Then there was the fact that Kris looked so down and seemed to look like he knew his time was up. Have a feeling the judges knew that as well, since they were harsher than they needed to be - probably to send some audience!sympathy Kris' way.

Well, here is hoping the final three is Allison, Adam and Kris. Still wish Allison would win, 'cause her growth has been amazing while Adam has been stellar all along and is headed for big things even without the win. But...not going to happen.

Edit: Looking through old videos - Here are 3 videos of Alone by Heart: sung by Carly Smithson | sung by Carrie Underwood | sung by Allison Iraheta

The youtube vid for Allison keeps getting pulled down but there are dozens of audio only versions - anyway, \o/ for the rocker chick, lolol
Just popping by to see your recs, but saw this post and YES. I agree with everything you said. <3 I'm hoping Allison gets a good recording contract once the show is done, she is one of the few folks that won't win (obvious with Adam there really) that I really want to see big things from. And after Slow Ride, Adam and Allison need to do a duet NOW.
At the moment I'm kinda experiencing a bit of rage that even after that nightmare performance from Danny, it still looks like Kris or Allison might be the ones to get the boot D: But yeah, Allison is just getting better so a recording contract would be all \o/Would love to hear her on the radio - and Slow Ride - there was something about it that made me play it again and again - the uniqueness of both their voices made it pure gold. I'd seriously buy a track of Allison and Adam singing the phone book together XD
Totally agree with you. I'm hoping Kris is safe tonight - he definitely deserves the spot considering he has gotten so far without any support from the judges. I'm actually really keen (for the first time in ages) to see some of these non-winners albums. And Allison is at the top of my list. Her after-being-booted performance of Cry Baby was a gem.
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I have been lurking and reading your posts for some time now and decided to make it official as your various recs always made me smile.
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