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Tagging system advice

I remember ages ago I'd wanted to try to start tagging my posts but I gave up pretty quickly...which is why the easiest way to find old posts now is via google for most people. I do have email notifications dating back to October '06 in gmail so I usually look things up that way. But its incredibly clunky.

Am probably going to take a look at various journals' tagging but was wondering if those of you who've been using tags actively for ages would have any tips - especially in the case of random fandom topics. I don't want to start tagging and then end up scrapping the tags in future...

If I try to tag a hundred posts a day, it should take about 2 weeks to finish tagging everything...hell.
I am a vile tag abuser so anything I say is about as useful as an odd sock. Having said that I like tagging things using useless tags if it's just amusing to me. If I've reviewed something or idk made a post worth reading I'll tag by fandom/genre and maybe sub category? eg. bollywood: saathiya, anime: gundam00

regular posts are more like this: funny thing happened today..., shabz is technologically retarded, one day my tags won't be useless
I tend to tag by specific series since most of my posts are fandom related.

Of course I have some tags like "Anime" and "Meme" that I use so often that I am not even sure if they will be helpful in finding things again.
I am far too lazy and absentminded to tag my entries, but someone on my flist (lilian_cho) went through and set up tags for me and tags my entries, lol.
One of the best taggers I've seen is furiosity -- I have a lot of useless tags and I've been slowly re-tagging things to make more sense. I try to use general tags like "fandom: harry potter" or "meme: Q&A" and so on and so forth. I've noticed that it helps a lot more. But yes, I finally got around to getting a Gmail account solely for my comments. -___-
Personally I don't really go back and read posts of mine unless it's for something specific (either for myself or to show a friend/someone) so my tags are pretty much bundled in a way. You can see what I mean here.

I've seen the 'tree' used on a flew bloggish-layout journals and I really like that style, which would be hella useful for writing journals, except that the journal using it would have to be paid, which sucks.
i tag posts that i find easy to categorize or that i might want to read again. also, my tags are for me first and foremost so i don't strive to be comprehensive or accessible. some of my tags are very clear in what they're about, e.g. "harry/draco fic" or "recs" but others are more obscure, e.g. my tag for merlin is "the adventures of two boys in love". i mostly tag things related to tv shows, my recs, my fic, and my pic posts. all my remaining blather is untagged.
Anime and manga are usually under just that. If you tag it under the respective animanga names, you'll end up with more tags that you really want to. I tag my fandom stuff as fannish whereas random stuff are tagged as blather.