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New Layout!

Wanted a fresh look so I revamped my lj:

gossymer gossymer gossymer

I only checked out the look on Opera and Internet Explorer so if you could tell me if it shows up properly on your browsers- that'd be much appreciated. There's chocolate pie for you if you do!

Its inspired by entry Cleancut by aery - except that I implemented it on the Flexible Squares system.

Took a lot of tweaking - and I haven't added a new header yet nor a new NFO banner - still I'm quite pleased with the result.
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It looks ok in firefox, though the left margin is big for my tastes.
Lol, yeah, that's the style- it helps ensure that the dimensions work in all resolutions, including 800*600 *shudder*
It does look cool. Though it's moved halfway across the screen. Which could well be the fault of my comp (which is just having one of those days - can a laptop have a PMS day?)

Halfways down the screen O__O Which browser might you be using?

Oh and my laptop has its share of PMS too :)
Eek...umm...IE...version 6? I think. *shrugs* Definitely IE, Firefox didn't get on with pixel. (yes, I named the laptop).

And I'm sure machinery shouldn't have that kind of monthly problem. Or daily problem. Or mood swings of any kind.

You fixed the wishlist post?