Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Star Trek

The first words running through my head on repeat after I skipped (and bounced) out of the cinema were, in the words of Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory)...LEONARD NIMOY.

I mean, dudes, LEONARD NIMOY. As in:

That is all.

Okay, not really: without his facial hair I totally did not recognize Eric Bana since he went from this to this. Typical Star Trek: use super famous actors and bury them in their characters - I TOTALLY APPROVE *thumbs up*

Though I could never see Eric as the typical villain - he was a driller/miner who saw everything and everyone he loved destroyed and was then handed the opportunity and power to prevent it ALL from even happening - it would corrupt most people. So I couldn't really see him as a villain per se.

Then there was the fact that everytime I saw Zachary Quinto, part of my mind was going "dude, Sylar's halloween costume is SPOCK, how cool is that?" So...couldn't really embrace him in the role. In comparison, it was much easier to accept Chris Pine, who wasn't brilliant, but was fine as Kirk :)

the het!romance was odd especially the kiss in the transporter room - though I knew in the future Kirk would look back and want to be the one kissing Spock, MWHAHAHAHAHA.

I love the part where Spock tells Kirk to get out of his chair LOLOLOL

And now I should probably repeat, LEONARD NIMOY ♥

But total fanservice, especially the ending voice over. And I admit, I squeaked and snickered and wheezed and whooped (softly) all the way through. It was like a two-hour season premiere for a Star Trek TV series reboot.

My first thought when it began were, oddly enough, I HAVE to catch up on Battlestar Galactica. Oh and rewatch Voyager - whatever the trekkies may say about the show, I still love it to pieces, especially Janeway, the Doctor and Seven of Nine XD

Edit: I can't help wishing this WAS a two hour opener for a reboot of Star Trek, premiering on the sci-fi channel. After what they did wih BSG, I'd love to see where they'd take ST.

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