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[001] In the Naruto manga, I wish this was canon, so very much.

[002] FYI: my internet has been on the fritz for the past few days but should have it back by Monday - Time Warner will be coming over to take a look see and hopefully they'll have it figured out.

[003] Never realised that I hadn't made my FMA filter public until just a few days ago: here it is, if anyone would like to keep track of the fandom!

[004] On possible X-Men spin-offs:
  • Gambit movie starring Taylor Kitsch? Bloody hell, NO, he was the weakest link in the movie. (though I give the actor props for acknowledging Anna Paquin's awesomeness XD )

  • Storm spin-off movie starring Hale Berry? Just, no. Never thought I could hate Storm until her portrayl of the character.

  • Deadpool spin-off? YESYESYES, especially if it goes down like Reynolds would like it to. Kinda worried though. It could go wrong in so many ways, (like what happens at the end of Wolverine: Origins)

[005] The latest draykonis!art is total male eyecandy - I love her original/non-fanart stuff :3

[006] Future MMORPGs to try out: Aion, Lineage and City of Heroes

Discovered the first one via buttfacemakani's post. Its possible to sign up to the chinese beta of Aion via these instructions + these screeencapped steps and get it translated to english via a patch \o/

Though I wish Blade & Soul was available in english already, since its gorgeous. NCSoft seems to have all the fantasy games with eyecandy >_>

[007] Finally marathoned True Blood and Battlestar Galactica! Can't wait to see more of Eric in season 2 of TB, while BSG was gritty and complicated and messy and awesome.

The best thing and worst thing about BSG is it being such a brilliant hybrid of both Drama and Scifi genres. It also makes me think of a line from The Mummy Returns, "rather weighty, this"

In a way it reminds me of my love of The Dark Knight movie which is hard to watch very often because of its weighty issues. On the other hand, BSG is more about the characters but the darkness of the storyline kinda makes it hard to watch in the background - unlike other sci-fi shows like Stargate SG-1 et all. It's still brilliant and very powerful...just hard for me to marathon repeatedly.

Am now playing Terry Prachett's Discworld movie, Colour of Magic to lighten the mood XD

[008] Looking at this comparison image of the casts of Star Trek (TOS and the 2009 movie), Karl Urban seems to have the most presence in the new cast :3 While Chris Pine is pure eyecandy, I find my mind turning to Urban and Eric Bana when I think of the movie. Just, really really hot men.

[009] DevART pretties:
  • The Deathnote storyline in a nutshell, LOL

  • Pretty girl - by janaschi - I can't think of a description to do justice to the art >_>

  • The very first fanart and artist comment to make me want to try watching South Park (from season 4 or 5)

  • Fabulous Starfighter art by the creator here and here!

[010] Oh yeah, and l_vera01 has an awesome post of the Star Trek movie that just had me nodding my head through most of it XD
[001] ME TOO. I swear SasuNaru is subtle!canon. xD There's just SO much of it. That pairing will always be my number one otp. xD

[004] No, No and Yes! Gambit disappointed me, which was hard to take because he's my favourite. But I just .. couldn't do it. He just wasn't Gambit to me. I also think they could have done better with the casting of Storm. Halle is too short to be Storm. Deadpool was just pure love. I have no objections.

[007] True Blood! I can't wait for the new season to come out. I'll just need to keep track of my f-list and find out where it's being streamed. xD

[010] werisjdflksdf I frigging LOVE Starfighter. The art is just amazingly pure win and I just ADORE Cain and Abel. Srsly.
[001] The bond between them is totally what gets so many people hooked :)

[002] Gambit was just NOT Cajun D: And the giant leaps still make me all WTF. After reading that post, I will now always link the suckage of X-Men 3 to her expanded role. BAH.

Deadpool was the best part of the Wolvie!movie :

[007] The first season felt rather short for me so I'm glad it'll be starting up soon haha

I hate Storm because of Halle too. And she ruined Catwoman for me. You'd think a hot Halle Berry in a hot Catwoman suit would be 2x the hot BUT APPARENTLY NOT D:

Karl Urban is so awesome in Star Trek. I think Deforest Kelley would approve. I'd love to see him get an even bigger role in the sequel.
[010] Thanks! In terms of the characters, I had no problems with the way things are going, but I wasn't wild with squee like I wanted to be. Still, Trek is back *G*
oh yeah, bsg is not a fluff show that you can have playing in the background while doing other things! it really requires your full attention especially as the seasons move on. i'd suggest you only watch it if you can actually pay your full attention to it :)
*tackles* Just wanted to say hi :D I haven't read my flist in ages, so I have quite a bit of catching up to do. I'd forgotten how amazing draykonis's art was *_* Every time I see something of hers it looks like she's improved since the last time.
Emailed you Scar screencaps :)

OMG I loved ep 6 so freaking much! Ed makes me melt :)
[006] I've probably been waiting for Aion to be released since 2005 (when I bought my first copy of Guild Wars). NCSoft keeps pushing back the NA/EU release *pulls at hair*

I suppose we can expect 2013 for Blade & Soul, or earlier if we're lucky.
[007] Wait a minute... Color of Magic has a movie? While it wasn't my favorite book from Discworld, I didn't think any of the series had a movie?