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Cable repair man came by and the internet went from 1Mbps to 27Mbps - it was a modem and cable problem XD

So downloads went from two 90kb/s downloads to 8+ simulateous downloads @ 200kb/s for each.


I was srsly going through download withdrawl over the past few months. Can now watch streaming vids without constant pauses \o/

If you want to check your internet speed, you can head over to :)

Oh yeah and Time Warner dropped the proposed capping bandwidth ideas last month due to pressure from various groups XD So unlimited downloads are here to stay for the forseeable future :3
It was at about 3 or 4Mbps for te past month or two but only started crawling in the past month (uploads had no problems though, at 1.5Mbps which is the standard speed really)

I actually have some links to pimp, for speeding up internet on Vista XD Time Warner only promises 15Mbps so the 27 is above and beyond MWHAHAHAA
OMG! My internet claims to be 54Mbps, but that's a huge lie -- I can't do any downloads like that, and 90kb/s is what I usually get! D:

...I know much too little about this stuff. Calling the cable guys tomorrow, me thinks. LOL

Glad you got yours fixed today! :D