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*SQUEE* Draco: heir to $900 Million *blink*

Lucius Malfoy has a reported networth of $900 million

.9 Billion - The Malfoy fortune is HUGE. I've always found it difficult to imagine cannon Draco walking away from his parents - he cares for them more than anything else in his life, truthfully - but now there is the added fact of wealth and prestige an pureblood heritage...woah...

No wonder the Malfoys find the Weasleys' financial situation to be so hilariously pathetic *shakes head*


Draco Malfoy - richest boy in Hogwarts...well, at least, he was. I wonder if the Ministry can confiscate everything...bet theu're rubbing their hands in glee *sniff*

Plus some old fanart of the Malfoy family by makani to commemorate the event
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