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Aion and The Next Generation...

Been a bit under the radar this week. Firstly I installed the Aion chinese beta that I pimped out previously, with the english patch. Have been enjoying it so much I ended up buying a few more hours of gameplay over here (paypal is ♥)

My first character was a Scout which took a while to level up to 10 for wings but I adore the 'hide' skill - its possible to sneak past dangerous areas and surprise enemies or just get to the boss for a quick kill. Ended up choosing the Assassin path for that character XD My second character levelled up much faster though thanks to a much more powerful arsenal in comparison (she's a mage).

Anyway, its a gorgeous game with super customizable character appearances so *_* So far while I've only played two characters, I've created four with hair colors in purple, teal green, pink and deep blue. Will post caps at some point.

Secondly, I finally got around to starting my Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon - made a post on it and Malcom in the Middle on GB.

Can I just say, DATA IS LOVE. Best android ever. The only robot I love as much is Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Though favorite hologram would be the Doctor from ST: Voyager. And while Seven of Nine is awesome, she doesn't really seem to fit into any category, lol. Favorite former Borg? LOL

Stumbled across a torrent today that made me all O_O

This is Star Trek Generations without Captain Kirk. It is a NEXT GENERATIONS movie now. Impossible? Nope.

We do not hate Captain Kirk, but he spoiled this movie nevertheless. Although the beginnging is kind of nicely done, it is still not a worthy death for James T., so it had to be deleted. Our plan was to make this the first Next Generation's movie, filling all the plot holes between the TV show and the movie, First Contact. It was dificult was to make up a story without Kirk that would work, and since we did not want Picard to fight Soren two times with bare hands, the 50 gigawatts force field had to knock him out.

Our edition is an improvement over the original, if you like Next Generation and did not like Captain Kirk in this movie. 42 minutes of cut footage is a lot, but for the pace of the movie it was good. See for yourself.
Just, wow. Shatner!Kirk in the movies makes me cringe, so having him edited out makes me all \o\o/o/ MWHAHAHA

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